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"You might as well ask "What is the meaning of life?". That's how complicated the question "Who is Jason Genova?" is. You won't get the answer from a book or from someone on an internet forum. You have to experience it. The videos, the Facebook posts, the instagram pictures, the radio talk shows all form a vast and complicated web that one must do his best to keep track of. Maybe one day you'll understand." --Misc user SkinnyMexican

"Trying to explain Genova is basically like trying to explain a large fictional fantasy world now. Genova needs a wiki explaining events, people, phrases, items, like Lord of the Rings or the marvel universe would have." --Unknown Misc user

"... There is an idea of a Jason Genova, some kind of abstraction, but there is no real Jason, only an entity, something illusory, and though he can hide his cold gaze and you can shake his hand and feel flesh gripping yours and maybe you can even sense your lifestyles are probably comparable: Jason simply is not there. He has all the characteristics of a human being -- flesh, blood, skin, hair -- but his depersonalization is so intense, has gone so deep, that normal ability to feel compassion had been eradicated, the victim of a slow, purposeful erasure. He is simply imitating reality, a rough resemblance of a human being, with only a dim corner of his mind functioning" --Unknown


Name: Jason Howard Genova

Ethnicity: Jewish (mother), Italian? (father)

Occupation: /Bodybuilder, powerlifter, UFC fighter, music musician, bagboy, air conditioner

Born: February 22, 1985
Northridge, California, USA

Resides: Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

Height: 5 foot 6.5 inches

Weight: 180 lbs "contest condition"
230 lbs off season Hindenburg condition

Best bodybuilding competition finish: 3rd place (out of 3 competitors), Ruby Championships, light heavyweight division, September 2015

Best lifts (confirmed on camera):

Bench: 340 lbs

Deadlift: 475 lbs

Overhead push press: 235 lbs

Squat: Unknown (depth too shitty, help from a spotter)

BACKSTORY: "Dancing in the piss"

The Pissening Saga of the Dark Lord Spaniard, Solanum tuberosum L., Sith Lord Jason Genova. I would say more but ... can't talk.

Since Arnold's retirement, bodybuilding had suffered from a succession of boring one-note IFBB pros. The pro game in bodybuilding was dying an ignominious death. Spirits were low, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler considered retirement and going into Gay4Pay (G4P) full time, Joe Weider considered shutting down the IFBB, supplement sales were at an all time low, was about to shut down and transition into a gay porn site, with all of this leaving bodybuilding dead on its feet. That all changed in 2009: the fog of despair surrounding the pro game was lifted, supplement sales shot through the roof, Joe Weider gave the go-ahead for the 2009 Mr. Olympia to proceed, and most top IFBB pros cut back on their G4P and focused on bodybuilding.

The reason for this optimism? A YouTube channel was launched in 2009. It showcased the enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to sacrifice one's body for bodybuilding that one young man had. This young man's name was Jason Genova. He gave up a career as a semi-pro UFC fighter and a potential career as a world class powerlifter (he allegedly squatted 450 pounds ass to grass as an 18 year old natty after only training UFC. Unfortunately, his first of many major car accidents prevented him from ever performing this feat again). This small YouTube channel and cocky bodybuilding personality single handedly saved bodybuilding while subsisting on a diet consisting entirely of Blackstone Labs pro hormones and water from Dunkin' Donuts.

The Pissening video that started it all: My Storie Part 1. Here is a very young Genova, barely out of his UFC/Powerlifting career, yet you can see the genetic gifts and potential. "My Story" was a series of 8+ videos produced by Jason on his old YouTube channel. Unfortunately, only a few of the videos survive. See the "Cliff Notes" section of this website for more in-depth details on the incredible life and career of Jason Howard Genova.

"Oh, it's great fun. You could not possibly be depressed living with Jason, because he's always saying something hilarious. Like you said, it IS non-stop, but I honestly don't find it annoying, I find it to be like non-stop entertainment." --Ian McCarthy on what it was like living with Jason Genova (a.k.a. Janoy Cresva, a.k.a. JCream, a.k.a. Jason Giovanni) for a week


Jason being washed as a young child. Though potatoes can copy human characteristics, they never learn how to wash themselves.

On February 22nd, 1985, a young potato by the name of Jason Genova was plucked from the ripe California soil by a kindly Jewish couple and transported to the fine state of Florida where he could grow up free from the predjudices of the paleo loving citzens of California directed against tubers and other starchy carbohydrates. Little is known of Jason's early life. We can surmise that he was never an A student during his schoolboy years and his lack of a GED adds to that impression; an illustration of this is an anecdote from the time he tried out for the football team (from a guy who knew Jason from high school, posted by Andrew on The Misc):

"Jason once tried out for the Varsity football team, the guys who were on the team used to fuck with him. One of the things they once had him do, was put on all of his gear and tell him, in order to make the team he had to tackle a tree. So Jason chrged full speed at the same tree over and over trying to tackle it and take it down. Each time he'd try to tackle it and it wouldnt go down he got more and more angry. Finally someone let him in on the prank and he supposedly stormed off."

With that insight into Jason's educational adventure we skip forward in time to the "My Storie" video; Jason has gotten his foot on the employment ladder and is a bag boy at the US shopping chain "Publix" (despite being sent home a few times by management for stinking too badly,) he has also forgone his promising powerlifting/UFC career after the death of his girlfriend sent him into a spiral of anti depressants and gay porn. With his job in Publix in hand and his dead girlfriend/G4P past firmly in his rear view mirror, Jason decided to dedicate himself once more to the art of physical well being and health by taking up the drug fueled, corrupt, homo erotic sport of bodybuilding to honour his dead father. Little did he know how successful he would be at the sport and how much influence he would gain.

Shortly after his historic decision to enter the sport of bodybuilding, Genova picked up a film crew by the names "Jonas" and "Joey Joe Joe". They filmed the first "My Storie" Video and we caught the first glimpse of Jason's changeling nature with his first AKA Giovanni. To this day no one knows the true reason for Jason creating a new name for himself. Did he forget how to pronounce Genova? Was he trying to separate the real Jason from the fictional character he was going to become? Was this the first indication that The Claw had a mind of its own?

We will never know what truly permeates the starchy confines of the Spaniard's soft potatoey head, what compels him to utter inanities while twirling on the spot like a tea-pot. But we are grateful, as the ever increasing rate of his nicknames/aka's suggest he is shaking of the human conditioning instilled in him by his parents and is preparing to return to the soil as his grasp of reality loosens. Witness in his latest videos the twirling fingers, twitches as he prepares to become a root vegetable once again. There is however another presence in Jason's life (aside from all the homos pretending to be chicks in an effort to get pics of the Spaniards spicy chorizo) it is: "The Claw." No one knows when it first appeared, only that it exists.

Big Lenny, another legendary figure who would later go down in history, met Jason in the gym one day after he witnessed him doing an intense set of leg press. According to Lenny, Jason got a stack of papers from the front desk, signed his name on them, and passed them out to everyone in the gym. He told them that today was their lucky day because they were getting his autograph for free. In another year, they would be paying for it. The Iron Prophet turned out to be right.

"His self aggrandizing delusions are an exaggerated apex representation of modern society in the social media/selfie generation as a whole (or maybe humans have always been this way but modernity has exposed this fact, I don't know!): Everyone thinks far too highly of themselves. But this is especially pronounced among those who should be least likely to overestimate themselves and have evidence to the contrary staring them in the face. It culminates with Genova, a man with practically zero discernable positive or extraordinary features and a seemingly endless list of negative traints, and yet he believes himself to be a virtuous saint who's excellence has propelled him to celebrity status. It's fascinating watching the cognitive dissonance occur in real time; he's incapable of reconciling obvious external feedback with a hyper-inflated inner perception of his practical godliness.

I fell off with Genova and the misfits for a few months, but I began following again after Janoy said he liked Coath PJ more than Coath Adam and confessed in private when he didn't know he was being filmed that he didn't like Coath Adam very much. This is especially profound because Adam was literally the only one who got Genova measurably closer to the god-like figure he perceives himself to already be. But the stern manner in which Adam acted as a literal father figure and coach demanded that Jason defer and submit somewhat to his authority. This threatened Jason's internal perception and ego; and this No Es Livin La Vida Genova.

You can more or less generalize Genova's behavior and self-perception to most human beings to a MUCH lesser extent and it sometimes offers insightful explanations for their (our?) behavior which are logically and philosophically consistent.

The next time you think you're special in some way or good at something or even above average, remember that Jason Genova thinks he's a good bodybuilder. Maybe you suck."
--FitMisc user PublixBagboy

The Piss Lord showing how lean his glutes are.

Jason Genova academy

Cliff notes of the Jason Genova saga (Last update June 24, 2020) - If you're one of those losers who doesn't spend hours a day watching all of Jason's YouTube videos and all of his other social media outlets, keep yourself up to date with the storyline here.

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Hygiene - An in-depth analysis of Jason Genova's literally sickening personal hygiene.

The Claw

- Jason Blaha is another YouTube fitness celery who once had some association with Jason Genova, but severed all ties with him after being Order 66'd. Unlike Genova, who is still endearing despite all of his faults, we at Genovapedia have no love for Blaha. All of the Delray Misfits issued a lifetime Order 66 against Jason Blaha; as loyal pisstroopers, this is our contribution to the war effort.

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