Legal counsel for the Genovapedia provided by: The Law Office of Attorney Scott Miller

After Genova's Witnesses were banned from The Misc, Attorney Scott Miller filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against (Miller v. PoonyCheeps, April 2014). A judicial summons was issued to Misc narrator PoonyCheeps, but he was declared unfit to stand trial after court officers discovered a morbidly obese PoonyCheeps living in his mom's house, trapped in the basement buried in empty Hot Pockets boxes. In his stead, CEO Ryan DeLuca was ordered to stand trial. Despite possessing a team of high powered lawyers that was able to buy with the millions of dollars that they got from years of scamming ignorant kids with useless supplements, they were utterly destroyed in court by Scott Miller; he had discovered interpretations and applications of the law that only a brain extremely high on marijuana could have found. The judge ordered to pay $1,000,000 in damages to the Genova's Witnesses, which they then used to build their own church in FitMisc.

Not long afterward ... although the Jason Genova Wiki had been running without issue for a year, it was suddenly deleted without warning by Wikia. Representatives from the Jason Genova Wiki sued them for the tort of conversion. When Wikia found out that the plaintiffs were represented by ace attorney Scott Miller, they immediately offered an out of court settlement for $500,000. This money was then used to buy their own domain name at, where they are free from the suppression of free speech and tyranny of Wikia to this day.

"And remember, money is not the only green that I accept." --Attorney Scott Miller