Sickening pissening glossary of terms

Coath - Coach, which Jason always misspells as "coath." Throughout the years, Jason has had an illustrious line of countless coaths attempting to get him into shape, and all have failed. These coaths are never financially compensated in any way, as a matter of fact it usually costs THEM money to train Jason, since they are expected to give him free food, supplements, and sometimes gas money. So why do they do it? Because the coath who can FINALLY get Jason Genova shredded will go down in history as a legend who has done the impossible. The coath who came closest to accomplishing this was Adam Harper. After several months of stalking Jason at all hours of the day to make sure he wasn't cheating on his diet, buying him groceries, teaching him how to cook healthy food, forcing him to work out and do cardio every day and giving him several tubs of protein, he managed to get Jason down to about 13% body fat and a barely visible six pack. Jason's habit of cycling through several coaths a year only for all of them to give up in despair has earned him the nickname "Coath Killer." The honourary title of "coath" is bestowed upon a person for life when they become Jason's coath, even after they stop, similar to how British Prime Ministers get to be called, "The Right Honourable _____" after they retire.

Cookie cutter - Popularized by Delray Misfit Big Lenny (origin explained here). A derogatory term used to refer to people who are preoccupied with appearances, display conformist behaviour, and just follow popular trends at the moment without having any unique personalities of their own. In other words, these people are copies of each other, like dough cut by a cookie cutter. Some people who fit into the definition of cookie cutter include:

You might be a cookie cutter if: You run a YouTube fitness channel where you do Maxx Chewning-like edits and cinematography, copy all of Zyzz's catch phrases, film your workouts and post-workout meals at Chipotle while playing electronic dance music in the background.

Former Ronnie - Ronnie Coleman, who Jason once worked out with. Came from the description of Jason's Instagram, which read, "Hi you tube star promote world gym marketing machine over 15million views and growing. Trained with skiplorie and rich gaspari pj Braun former ronnie" He must have meant to write, "Former Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman" but his brain blew a fuse halfway through and he instead wrote, "former ronnie."  Much to the dismay of Genova's Witnesses, he has since "fixed" this error.

Genovaverse/Genovasphere - The Genovaverse is the bizarre world of Jason Genova, including all of the places and supporting characters portrayed in his famous YouTube videos. The Genovasphere on the other hand specifically refers to the fan community devoted to the Jason Genova saga, such as message boards, fan pages, and YouTube comment sections. Almost all Genova's Witnesses are part of the Genovasphere, but only a "lucky" few are part of the Genovaverse. Some Witnesses have peered into the portal leading into the Genovaverse by doing something like talking to Jason on the phone. Anyone thinking about truly crossing dimensions from the Genovasphere into the Genovaverse by driving down to Delray Beach is advised to use extreme caution, as relentless trolling may await them, and there is sometimes no coming back. Some people who have chosen to take the plunge and enter the Genovaverse have never been heard from again. Where's Brody?

Genova's Witness - The term for Jason's fans, a play on Jehova's Witness. Similar to how Jehova's Witnesses will go door to door attempting to recruit people to their religion and spread the gospel on Jehova, Genova's Witnesses also share videos about Jason Genova and attempt to recruit new subscribers to his YouTube channel. Jason has a relatively small amount of subscribers compared to other big YouTube fitness channels, but Genova's Witnesses are BY FAR the most fanatical and devoted fans out of everyone. They have been known to completely overrun the comments sections of big YouTube fitness channels, have shut down entire websites (such as Physique of the Week) and have exhaustively studied and written about Jason Genova. Loyal Witnesses will often participate in holy wars and suit up as "pisstroopers" when an Order 66 is issued by Genova.

Mellon - Million. Another Genova typo, common when talking about how many views he has, or how much money he's going to make when he becomes a big time YouTube celery. Mellon is an official Genovaverse unit of measurement. A currency conversion table can be found below:

15 buck = 0.000015 mellon

Ments/The Ment - To put it simply, it's entertainMENT. The etymology of the word actually has nothing to do with "entertainment;" rather, it originated from a video where Jason was attempting to read an Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational poster that said, "Enjoyment" and he instead read it as, "Enjoy The Ment." The phrase caught on among fans, and they soon used "The Ment" or "ments" to refer to entertaining bits arising out of the Jason Genova saga. Fans have become addicted to ments, and grow restless without them. There have even been several recorded instances of Genova's Witnesses experiencing ment withdrawals and turning on each other if too many days go by without new ments. But it runs far deeper than that; The Ment is thought to be an irresistible force that surrounds Jason Genova wherever he goes, and that even if he himself is not on his game uttering funny quotes, ments are still sure to arise from his mere presence. During The Great Ment Drought of mid 2014 when Adam Harper resigned as Jason's coath, Witnesses feared that The Ment may have finally died as Jason wandered around aimlessly, recording crappy late night shoutout videos and posing videos. Soon enough however, the most bizarre ment of them all surfaced as female bodybuilder porn star Debbie D'Andrea appeared on the scene and took the reins as Jason's new coath. The Ment is regarded as a divine force that can not be stopped, nor explained. "Enjoy The Ment" has become the Genovaverse equivalent of "May The Force be with you." The term "ments" has grown so popular that it's actually spreading outside the Genovasphere in the YouTube fitness world. At this rate, it will be in the Oxford Dictionary before long.

Order 66 - The call for Genova's Witnesses to attack a target of Jason's choosing. Inspired from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, where Palpatine called for all the Jedi to be executed. The first ever Order 66 issued by Jason is believed to have been against Poonycheeps, the narrator on for locking the Genova thread on The Misc. Hordes of Witnesses flooded's customer service with e-mails and phone calls complaining about the injustice, and Poonycheeps' ban on Genova talk on the board was eventually overturned. Another Order 66 was executed on the Physique Of The Week website after Jason was entered into the contest and won by popular vote, but owner Rick Hall refused to award him the win. Witnesses succeeded in getting the contest's sponsors to pull out, and the website was eventually completely destroyed, but not before Rick Hall relented and awarded Jason the win in a last ditch effort to save himself. Drunk on power and delighted by the fanaticism of his Sith army, Genova began to abuse Order 66 and called for it against every little person who slightly annoyed him: Companies who refused to give him a sponsorship, random YouTube fitness personalities who wouldn't collaborate with him, the McDonald's worker who forgot his pickle etc. On the subject of his army of fans, known as "Pisstroopers," Dark Lord Spaniard had this warning for anyone foolish enough to cross him: "They come in swarms, like ants, like army ants. Chng chng chng chng chng chng. Like a bunch of idiots."

Pissening - Essentially the antithesis of "sickening" as it tends to denote something that's negative. For example, if Jason Genova shows up to a bodybuilding show at 18% body fat, it's sickening, but his physique is pissening. However this rule is not set in stone by any means, as "pissening" is sometimes used in a positive way as well, or just yelled out for no reason whatsoever. "Pissening" originated from an infamous picture that Jason posted to Instagram where he clearly had a huge piss stain down the front of his underwear. This is believed to be the first ever usage of "pissening", by Instagram user pigdog999. After this, the term spread like wildfire among Genova's Witnesses, and has arguably even passed the famous "sickening" in popularity.

Revolting - Like "sickening" but even stronger. Calling something "revolting" is the highest possible compliment! Jason has a mantra where he says, "It's sick, it's piss, it's revolting, it's insulting."

Sickening - Jason Genova's signature catch phrase. It is interchangeable with the slang term "sick." This word is so iconic that Jason's fans often use it as a kind of secret code word to identify themselves as Genova's Witnesses when they are outside of the Genovasphere (for example, in the comments sections of other YouTube fitness channels). They have also gotten into the habit of adding the "ening" suffix onto the ends of other words to make new ones ("Pissening" was created in this way).

Skittles - Steroid pills, which Jason supposedly loves popping like Skittles candy, although he has quite a loose definition of "steroids" since he has frequently showed off bottles of useless natural testosterone boosters that he bought from GNC and declared them to be "testosterone." The full extent of Jason's steroid use is largely unknown, since he often brags about shooting steroids just so he can look like a cool hardcore bodybuilder. It is suspected that he has used legit pro hormones, like the Super DMZ 2.0 that was given to him by PJ Braun, and maybe popped some Dianabol (the occasional appearance of gyno supports this), but he probably doesn't have the capability to inject himself with anything. He did claim to have a steroid dealer named Dave who injected him, and Dave was known by Andrew and the other Delray Misfits as a confirmed steroid dealer; in fact he died of a drug overdose in 2017. It's rumoured that Big Lenny was supplying Jason with DNP, the notoriously dangerous cutting drug for his 2017 Ruby Championships prep. He did manage to drop a shocking amount of weight in a short time, but many Witnesses doubt that Janoy could be trusted to take the correct dosages without cooking his insides alive. JonnyBravo's documentary on the Delray Misfits also contained a shocking scene which supposedly shows off Jason's vials of steroids, but it was revealed later on that several scenes in the movie were fake and scripted, and this could have been one of them. How could Genova afford a bunch of steroids on the measly $70 a week allowance given to him by his mother?

Jason will also sometimes declare, "It's skittle time!" followed by him dancing around, which is thought to be completely unrelated to his oral steroid use.