Cast of characters of the Genovaverse

Although Jason Genova is the main attraction, he does not provide the ments alone. There are so many important and colourful characters in the Jason Genova saga that one can lose track of them all, so this handy guide will help.

The great thing about the Jason Genova Show is that it is a partially interactive sitcom; you too can message Andrew over YouTube, make the trip down to "The Mecca of Bodybuilding", Delray Beach, Florida, and be featured in a Delray Misfits video. But be warned: if you get yourself involved in The Ment, you may be in it for life. Like the Eagles say, you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. You will receive The Mark of Genova, which dooms you to an eternal existence of being phoned by Jason Genova to let you know that he's looking lean bro, and asking if you can spare any money for him. In addition, Genova's Witnesses will forever haunt your YouTube channel and other social media with the cries of, "Where's Jason? Where's Jason?"


The Delray Misfits

The original cast of the first Delray Misfits episode Big Richard, Sol, Andrew, and Mike

The Delray Misfits is a YouTube series that followed the escapades of various characters working out in World Gym (formerly Delray Fitness) in Delray Beach, Florida. It was a spin off of the Jason Genova YouTube channel after the "Chad betrayal camera incident" in which Jason split with his longtime producer and friend over a cheap digital camera. Fans urged Andrew to continue filming without Jason, and he decided to make videos centred around Big Richard, with some other characters in the gym acting as a supporting cast (some who were known from previous Jason Genova videos, and some new ones). Delray Misfits episode 1 made its debut and soon became a lost episode; YouTube took it down due to Big Richard going on an extended rant about how he loves eating pussy. It has since been re-uploaded. 

Andrew eventually forgave Jason, and his biggest star, Dark Lord Spaniard, joined the rest of the Delray Misfits. The legendary Delray Fitness/World Gym, with its signature ugly green glow and lax rules eventually closed down, and the Misfits were scattered across various gyms across Delray Beach. The core members are currently Andrew, Jason, Brad, and Big Lenny, who work out in LA Fitness, Busy Body Fitness, and even Planet Fitness. Big Lenny coined the term "Misfit Maniacs" to describe Delray Misfits fans. There's obviously a lot of overlap between Misfit Maniacs and Genova's Witnesses, but there's more and more of a split as time goes on and Genova's behaviour becomes increasingly detestable.

In a video shot outside of Lenny's filthy house when they had all gathered together to clean it out, Brad eloquently summed up the relationship that the Misfits have with each other: "By the way viewers, this is called tough love. If you don't like the way we break each other's balls, go fuck yourself! It's called tough love. Leonard lives like an animal, I'm gonna tell him he lives like a fuckin animal. And we appreciate that about each other."

Andrew The Camera Man

Sweet Prince Andrew: John the Baptist to Jason Genova's Jesus, Goebbels to Jason's Hitler, Flava Flav to ... you get the picture.

Andrew Fiedelman a.k.a. Prince Andrew a.k.a. DelDrew is Jason's long-suffering friend, cameraman, confidante, minder, teacher, trainer, brother, father-figure, producer, and promoter. Before Andrew came into Jason's life, Jason was a smelly, delusional fat boy who was mocked by all and taken advantage of by his old producer Jonas. Granted he's still all of the above, but he is in a better situation now thanks to Andrew.

He is considered by Genova's Witnesses to be the model of integrity, because he has never once asked Jason for money in exchange for filming him, nor has he even asked for a cut of the YouTube ad money, which is estimated to have made tens of thousands of dollars since its inception. He has a mysterious personal life, but it is known that he works at a country club. After a persistent YouTube commenter kept accusing him of being gay, he revealed that he has a daughter who lives in another state and now seems rather bitter toward women, living the "Men Going Their Own Way" lifestyle.

Andrew is the original Misfit, originating the concept by recognizing that the characters in the gym and their interactions were comedy gold. He filmed and edited all of Jason Genova's videos until the two of them split over the "Cameragate" incident, where Jason ignored his longtime friend's warnings not to give a stranger the password to all his accounts after being tempted by a camera. After that, Andrew started up the Delray Misfits series proper, but did eventually reconcile with Jason, although he no longer edited and uploaded his videos for him. Andrew's humourous commentary overlays every video.

He knew of Genova before 2009 when he used to work out at the same Gold's Gym (which would later become Delray Fitness). He tried to ignore his delusional ramblings about being a future IFBB pro bodybuilder, but little did he know that the Sith Lord's innocuous request to film him doing leg press "just this one time bro" would turn into such ment. Here is a comment that Andrew left on an old My Story Era video made by Genova's arch rival Josh Foxx, before he became Jason's producer:

"as a member of golds since 2002,everything Josh says is 100% right. 3 words avoid eye contact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise this fool will follow you around the gym like a duckling, telling you how hes a celebrity, a pro bodybuilder, a monster, a freak and on and on and on and on. poor fella's a good kid, but seriously delusional and needs to surround himself with people who wont bs him to his face about becoming a bodybuilder and then laugh behind his back."

Ironically, Andrew and the Misfits ended up becoming those "good people."

After it became too difficult to film videos at gyms after the closing of their sanctuary of World Gym, Andrew instead debuted the Delray Misfits podcast, which he hosted at his home. It was not until the podcast that the sheer degeneracy of the Delray Misfits was fully revealed, and not even Prince Andrew was an exception to this; Andrew revealed that in his younger years in New York, he and a group of friends once lit a firecracker, put it into a sleeping, homeless man's mouth, and ran away around the corner before it exploded. Shockingly, Andrew expressed no remorse for this act, claiming that he "sleeps like a baby". This revealed a side to "Dark Prince Andrew" that Misfit Maniacs had never seen before.

"If Jason ever tells you something, just please fact check it. If Jason tells you that the sky is blue and the grass is green, you still need to go out and check." --Andrew

Big Richard

Big Richard a.k.a. Big Richard is an old school bodybuilder who has been around the block in his life. He worked as a finance worker and even as a bodyguard for mafia dons. A constant source of real talk, honesty, and funny anecdotes, he is known for his dirty mind and quick mouth, not giving special treatment to anyone and telling it like it is every time, even to so called "disabled" people like Genova and Mike. Big Richard quickly rose to a fan favourite after confronting Jason who had, the night before, been messaging Big Rich's daughter. He told Jason that he knew he was "Sayin' shit to her, that I don't fuckin' like. Vulgar shit". He threatened to tear his throat out, shit down his neck, cut him up into pieces, and dump him in the Everglades. Jason had the piss scared out of him and avoided coming to the gym at the same time as Richard for a week. After the duo moved past this, though, they formed a close relationship, and it was evident that Big Richard had a soft spot for Genova, wanting to see him succeed and be happy in life, even if he had blunt ways of saying it.

Big Richard is well-known, and the most common place to find him is in the smith machine benching three plates with his legs in the air (he claims that people who place their feet on the ground are cheating). He often wears tank tops and can be easily identified since he is approximately 6"2', very muscular, and has some skin defects that were confirmed to be skin cancer; he said that he got into weight training because as a teenager he was skinny and got picked on, so he decided: never again. While living the bodybuilding lifestyle, he would often go out in the sun and get tanned, and this eventually led to him getting skin cancer. He vanished from World Gym to recover from it, promising to return on numerous occasions, but no-showed each time. Andrew expressed doubt about ever seeing the GOAT Delray Misfit ever again.

A whole year passed, and it turns out that Big Richard had actually whooped cancer's ass and dumped it in the Everglades. He returned in Delray Misfits episode 100 and now resembled The Terminator due to some operations done on his face. The atmosphere in World Gym had grown progressively more chaotic and outrageous with him gone, and the return of the alpha wolf restored some order. After the closure of World Gym, he moved to LA Fitness but was thrown out after confronting a non-disabled guy who parked in the handicapped parking spot. Big Richard is currently forced to work out in Planet Fitness of all places.

"And what's all this I hear about you sticking toy trucks up your ass, Jason?" --Big Richard

"Nothing is better than ass licking. Asshole is really good. Except you can get salmon-- not salmonella, E. coli. I've vomited before, I vomited all day, but it was worth it." --Big Richard


A mild-mannered mystery author with cerebral palsy who needs a cane to get around, but he is deceptively witty and was the only one who actually had the balls to trade barbs with Big Richard. He is likely the most intelligent Misfit, graduating Summa Cum Laude from The University of South Florida. He unfortunately moved away and is no longer with the Misfits.

During Delray Misfits episode 100, Mike made a special guest appearance via satellite. His long time rival Big Richard said, "Mike, I don't know if you're still using that cane that I was gonna wrap around your neck and choke you with, but I miss you buddy, and if I could see you in the gym, I'd come up and say hello to you and BITCH SLAP YA, you son of a bitch!"

"I want to be just like you Richard, except with bigger legs." --Mike

Big Lenny

"Fat Fucking Lenny" might be the only person who is actually more insane and delusional than Jason. He has bizarre facial twitches, sudden and extreme changes in facial expression, and frequently challenges anyone to fight him in the parking lot in return for $1,000. He once called out the Hells Angels on camera, calling them the "Queers Angels", which prompted former Hells Angel Mel Chancey to plead with him to apologize because he feared that they would actually kill him for it.

A fellow /bodybuilder powerlifter like Jason, he is about 6' 3" and weighs over 300 pounds, yet still competes in bodybuilding shows hoping to win the Reverse Ninja Turtle category. In all seriousness and without exaggeration, he has the worst case of roid gut/Palumboism in the entire known world, according to Lui Marco, an expert on the subject. Lenny does not see it that way and instead thinks that he has the biggest, most muscular ab muscles of all time. He lifted up his shirt and declared: "What Tom Platz was to legs ... I AM TO ABS!!" His gut is so legendary that his condition has now been dubbed Lennyism rather than Palumboism.

A police report was discovered from 2013 describing an incident where Lenny was arrested for hitting on women and refusing to leave a mall. When the police arrived, he boasted that no one was big enough to take him down, and the police had to use three sets of handcuffs to restrain him.

Andrew once caught Lenny popping an entire raw egg into his mouth. He also revealed that he enjoys eating pre-chewed food because it saves him a lot of effort. To demonstrate that he was not just joking, he asked the front desk lady at World Gym to chew up some food and spit it out, and he ate it on camera. While he was at it, he requested that she piss in a cup so that he could buy it off her for $20; he wanted to drink it because he believes that the piss of a pregnant woman has anabolic properties.

On another occasion, someone brought a taser to World Gym, and Lenny asked to be shot with it in the parking lot. When he was hit, he staggered backwards a bit and then ripped out the wires without even falling down. This video actually made it onto ESPN, and the panelists asked the question: "WHAT IS LENNY?"

Lenny was revealed to be living in squalor during a Delray Misfits video where Brad visited his house. He claims that living in a clean house is for cookie cutters, and it's no big deal anyway since it "just needs mopped". "You have to wipe your feet before you go back outside" --YouTube commenter Paper Chaser. Lenny revealed his tragic life story during one of his visits with Brad: his abusive father, Len Persin, was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1968 as a defensive end but never logged a game in the NFL after suffering a career-ending knee injury in a pre-season game. Afterwards, he imposed his lost dream onto his son, Lenny. Despite Lenny being a talented baseball player in high school, his father ordered him to focus on football instead and spend all his time in the weight room to get a division 1 NCAA scholarship so he could make the NFL. During his sophomore year, he got multiple letters from colleges after playing well as a defensive end. However, he got into an argument with his coach one day and quit. When he went home, his father beat the shit out of him and forced him to rejoin the team. During his senior year, Lenny's father thought that Lenny's comic book collection was a distraction from football, so he ripped it all up, including a Spider Man comic that would have been worth $25,000 today, declaring, "There, I removed the distraction for you". Lenny retaliated by dropping out of high school and running away to do basic training for the air force. His father said that he was no longer welcome in his house. When Lenny returned from boot camp, he finished high school and attempted to get into college football, running a 40 yard dash in 5 seconds flat at a body weight of 300 pounds in a tryout for the University of Pittsburgh, but he ultimately wasn't able to make the team. He is now forever haunted with letting his father down by failing to make the NFL. He was kicked out of the air force on a section 8 (mentally unfit for service) after getting into several fights. Afterwards, he went into bodybuilding and powerlifting. He got a job in the hospital kitchen to gain access to huge amounts of free food to fuel his goal of becoming "700 POUNDS, RIPPED!!" and worked there for 28 years. He teamed up with his best friend Andrew Collura and together they terrorized Delray Beach gyms for years, where they were known as the "Bronco Brothers". Lenny benched 462 pounds raw in a 2002 meet (Collura benched 650).

Despite Lenny's slovenly living conditions, bizarrely enough, he has a perfect set of pearly-white teeth, despite never having visited the dentist in over three decades. He detailed his teeth-whitening regime in a video.

He tends to be high all the time due to taking spoonfuls of Phenibut every day, a Soviet brain drug. He used to have some weird hangup about pornography, often ranting against "PORNO ADDICTS!!" and said that he did not own a computer because he didn't want to deal with "temptations" that had gotten him in trouble in the past. After his 2014 bodybuilding show which Andrew filmed, he hit on a black bodybuilder chick in the lobby and talked about how his injectable tan had the side effect of increased erectile function while grinning and staring at her with rapey eyes. He asked if she wanted go out to the parking lot and jump up and down on him with her heels. Lenny was dead serious, but she declined. Oddly, when Andrew asked if it would be okay if a guy did that instead, Lenny seemed open to the idea. This was the first hint we had that Lenny has straight up had sex with black trannies and that they are his #1 fetish. Lenny once gave Andrew and Jason directions to a mysterious place where he sometimes goes to "relieve some tension" at 3:00 AM. It was assumed to be a dirty bathroom in the woods with a glory hole, but the truth was not far off as it was, in fact, the infamous "Dixie Highway" where trannies congregated. Lenny's acquisition of a smartphone in the mid 2010s spelled the end of his abstinence from pornography, and he became consumed by black tranny fucking and recreational drugs worse than ever before. Lenny, however, has proved more resilient than Keith Richards and Ozzy Osbourne as many Misfit Maniacs have predicted that he is on the brink of death, but he still survives despite injecting more drugs (both recreational and performance-enhancing) than any other human being could withstand. Around 2013, Big Lenny overdosed on GHB while he was driving, crashed his car, and went to the emergency room. They injected him with tranquilizer for two days that made him feel so horrible that he became determined to break out of the hospital. He looked around the emergency room and said, "I don't think there's a single person in here who can kick my ass", got up, walked out the front door, called a cab, and went home.

He has a bizarre obsession with an obscure Canadian actress named Christina Broccolini, whom he was taken with after watching the TV show Mystery Hunters. His only wish before dying is to meet her, even though she's probably filed a restraining order against him by now. However, Lenny insists that his fixation on her is not sexual because she transcends mere lust and has attained the status of a goddess. Besides, Lenny is only sexually attracted to black women.

Despite all of his bizarre and scary attributes, Lenny is quite protective of Jason, and is often the only one trying to keep his spirits up when he's being bullied by other members of the gym. Lenny is the only person who will actually indulge Jason by calling him by his preferred nickname, Lord Vader, instead of Monkey Prick. Perhaps Lenny's biggest organ isn't his gut, but his heart.

"I challenge anyone to come on down here and fight me, I'll give you $1,000, and I'll give you one free shot. Remember, no liability. Take a look at these teeth people, I'm a middle aged man! Come on down, we can have a teeth comparing contest, a physique contest, whatever! You wanna fight? Whatever. We'll do it all." --Fat Fuckin Lenny

"They call it stalking, I call it courtship." --Big Lenny

"There's nothing hotter than looking up at a beautiful woman and hearing her say, 'Now suck my cock.' " --Big Lenny

"Exercising by working outside all day and getting your vitamin D from the sun? Free meals? Getting to breed with young, thick black women? Where do I sign up?" --Big Lenny on slavery

"You WANT your thighs to rub together. You WANT to get a rash when you walk. That means you're a FREAK." --Big Lenny

"And people say, 'What if you die Lenny, what if you die?' Well if I die, I want you to oil me up, put me in the posing trunks, and roll my corpse onto that stage next to Dale, and I'll still be bigger and harder than him." --Big Lenny


a.k.a. Knee Wrap Nate a.k.a. Insect Nate a.k.a. Transsexual Nate a.k.a. Milkflake Nate a.k.a. Cookie Cutter Nate. A fan of mixed Korean and Puerto Rican descent who had a small YouTube fitness channel and came down to collaborate with Jason. He liked the atmosphere of World Gym so much that he decided to stay. Recently started sporting a "I just got out of prison" beard. He admits that he used to be addicted to meth and it seems to have fried his brain a bit, but he's cleaned up his life now. Lenny makes fun of him for wearing knee wraps, implying that he wouldn't be able to squat nearly as much weight without them. Nate protests with: "They're not knee wraps, they're knee SLEEVES! There's a big difference!" Lenny commented that Nate's knee wraps looked like pantyhose, giving rise to the nickname "Transsexual Nate." Andrew told Nate not to be offended, because when Lenny breaks someone's balls, it means he actually likes them. This was made abundantly clear one day when Lenny looked Nate up and down while grinning from ear to ear and said that he could make a lot of money as a male prostitute. Nate tried to ignore him, but Lenny continued to follow him around the gym, insisting that rich gay guys would pay a lot of money for someone like him. Lenny's nose started to twitch, which is what happens when he gets aroused. Nate works out at a different gym now.

Nate also embarked on a career as a /competitive eater and successfully rode the YouTube fad of doing eating challenges. This combined with his slick editing skills after purchasing a drone for aerial shots caused his channel to blow up in popularity, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, thanks in large part to getting some initial exposure through Jason and the Delray Misfits. He actually imported a German girlfriend named Livia who became a fan of his videos and flew down to Florida to meet him. In one video, the two of them went to drop Jason off at his condo, but Livia drove slightly past the gate, prompting Jason to call her a "dumbo." From that moment on she forever became known as Dumbo among Genova's Witnesses. Bizarrely enough, Nate apparently showed Lenny a sex tape he made with Dumbo; possibly to boast about his 9 inch cock that Dumbo can be seen sucking on. This led to Witnesses swamping Nate's comments section and spamming, "release the tape, Nate" and leaving his 14 year old normie fans confused and having no idea what they're talking about.

Jason once said that Nate's a nice kid, a cool guy, but he "should be more careful." This cryptic comment led to the meme of Witnesses telling him, "Be careful Nate."

His eating capabilities are very impressive: he films himself going to restaurants that offer the meal for free if he successfully eats some ridiculous amount of food in a certain amount of time. He actually completed several challenges when no one had successfully done so before, and set the all time record at many restaurants, even beating the time of a famous competitive eater named Randy Santel on one occasion. He had an undefeated record for quite a while, but he finally failed when he attempted to do, by himself, a challenge that was actually meant for two people to do together: eat an 8 pound burger in 45 minutes. He eventually challenged Fat Fuckin Lenny to an eating contest. Lenny stipulated that if he won, then Nate would have to dress up in a drag outfit of Lenny's choice. Nate said that if he won, then Lenny would have to shove the camera tripod up his own ass. Lenny was confused, because that sounded more like a reward to him, not a punishment. When the contest went down, Nate ate his plates of food at a much faster pace than Lenny, but Lenny psyched him out, bided his time and in the end the pair appeared to eat each other to a draw, although the rules were unclear and the contest was poorly organized. Andrew suspected that the whole thing was just an excuse for Lenny and Nate to go on a date together. Fans have suggested that Nate should try the most difficult food challenge of them all: eat a meal cooked by Jason.

"So I got to meet Jason in person. He's ... unusual." --Nate, after his first ever video with The Piss Lord

"Greece? The, like the, is it a country? Okay a country. I don't know Europe." --Meth Head Nate

"Martin Luther King ... I think he started the movement of ending slavery, right?" --Meth Head Nate

"Wayne Griffey Jr., the best hockey player of all time." --Meth Head Nate

"I'm very smart, I've tooken physics and chemistry courses." --Meth Head Nate

"What does mixing up two landpoints have to do with being dumb?" --Meth Head Nate, after he was mocked for calling Hoover Dam the Grand Canyon

Big Jay Masters

a.k.a. The Motor City Madman aka The Bedroom Bully a.k.a. The Lonesome Loser. He works as a long haul truck driver and often uploads strange racist rants in the darkness of his truck cab. An old school hardcore powerlifter who was the 1988 teen national powerlifting champion and can still bench 500 pounds in his late 40s, he can be frequently seen by the garbage bin vomiting after a heavy set of deadlifts. After heavy bench press, his head turns red as a tomato and he actually starts bleeding from his pimples. He gives himself the moniker "Obi Jay Kenobi" especially when imparting his wisdom upon young Anakin Skywalker (Genova): "Strength training is like a game of chess. You can't try and win the game with each move. You're always setting up for something in the future." On the importance of speed in powerlifting: "You can't move heavy weights slow, it's impossible. You try and move something heavy slow, you can't do it. It's gotta be explosive or you're done. Whenever I hear a personal trainer telling a client: 'nice and slow' I just roll my eyes. It gets you nothing. You want to activate the most amount of fibres to work at the same time, and the only way you do that is with speed work."

Jay Masters was the star of a notorious Halloween party video that was filmed at Jason's mom's house (Part 1 | Part 2): Jay Masters arrived already drunk and dressed up as OJ Simpson, wielding a real machete and proclaiming that he had "come to kill white bitches who have little black babies." As he got drunker and drunker, Genova could only watch helplessly as the Motor City Madman sucked on his mother's toes on camera and grabbed her ass as she bobbed for apples. However, the most tense moment in Delray Misfits history occured when Big Lenny (dressed up as a tranny) got serious and challenged Jay to step outside. They stared each other down and it looked like the two 300+ pound behemoths would actually come to blows. Jay wasn't invited to next year's Halloween party. Interestingly, the official reason that Jason's mom gave was Jay's machete, not him sucking on her toes (which she clearly enjoyed).

"I very rarely drink two days in a row. Because I don't like to drink when I'm sick, and I usually drink until I'm ill." --The Motor City Madman

[Attempting a 600 pound squat] "What are you prepared to do? How much do you want it? Do you want it more than the next guy? You gotta take it!!!" [15 seconds later] "Ohhhh shit. Call 911." --The Motor City Madman

"... She started blowin me, and then we started bangin, and she's like 'how long do I have to make you cum?' I looked at my watch and it was 6:23 and I said 7 minutes. It got to be 6:30 and I said okay babe I'm outta here, Misfits are filming." --The Bedroom Bully

"Cum will not be wasted. If you are not given the pleasure of an anal or vaginal creampie, all cum must be swallowed. If any cum is wasted, you will be punished. I'm not into that pulling out, doing a money shot. What's up with that porn money shot? I'm not into that. I want that in their mouth, in their pussy, or in their ass. I don't want it all over the fucking place. Cum shall not be wasted, or you will be punished." --The Bedroom Bully

"When you’re knee deep in the muck in Vietnam ... do you have a leg press machine?” --Obi Jay Kenobi

"People asked me what I was thinking about when I was getting hyped up to bench 500 pounds at the meet. Without hesitation I told them: fear of losing." --Jay Masters


a.k.a. Bard a.k.a. the Leather Daddy a.k.a. Brigadier General Bradolf Shitler (nickname given to him by Lenny because he thinks Brad's new haircut and beard make him look like a Civil War general). A mail man who used to be known as Jason's nemesis because he bullied him in the gym at every opportunity, insulting his physique and complaining about his stench. Jason used to run away at the first sight of Brad, but started fighting back, returning his insults with: "HEY MAIL MAN! DELIVER MY MAIL HUEHUEHUE!" and: "Why don't you shut up you ... strawberry sandwich!"

As time went on, Brad evolved beyond being a side character who insulted Jason and became one of the core members of the Delray Misfits, starring in several videos outside of the gym. Jason and Brad had a number of heart to heart talks after Jason suffered backlashes from his fans and sought some advice. Brad has the unique ability to check Jason's delusions and make him sound like a normal down to earth person, albeit briefly. It became obvious that Brad actually cares for Jason and just feels the need to give him a harsh reality check whenever necessary. In fact, JonnyBravo was filming a Delray Misfits documentary and claimed that it had interest from a major network. Many fans were calling for Jason to be excluded from it (even Andrew was fed up with Jason and seemed open to the idea), and Brad was the only one who said that Jason should be in the film because he is part of the Misfits, and if anyone thinks otherwise: "Fuck em".

Although Jason is the main target of his roasts, he is not the only one. Brad also frequently insults Lenny, saying that he and Jason will compete for last place in every bodybuilding show that they go to. He calls Big Jay Masters "The Motor City Moron". Not even Saint Andrew can escape the wrath of The Big Brad Wolf, mocking him for wearing the exact same outfit to the gym every day, and saying that his practice of doing push-ups in the gym is "douchey."

"Down slow. Yeah, slow, like you. You should know slow." --The Big Brad Wolf to Jason

"Fuck you Snapchat. I guess a heart shaped scrotum on Valentine's Day is too offensive for the PC police." --Brad

"Those rich guys buy a trophy wife, and she ends up fucking the pool boy, the lawn mower ... THE MAIL MAN ..." --Brad


A very humble and lifting oriented Misfit, known for his training methods consisting of bench press marathons. He meticulously documents all of his weights, sets and reps in a notebook. His sister makes fun of him because he talks like Rain Man (as if anyone could ever out-Rain Man Genova!). Used to be known as the most easygoing and chill Misfit in the gym, but lately his patience with Jason has been wearing thin. Andrew once asked Chuck when the last time he had a vacation was, and after a derisive laugh Chuck responded: "My stepdad's funeral!" after which Jason began laughing hysterically (video). Chuck recently started enjoying the game "Clash of Clans" on his phone. Lately though he has descended into full blown addiction, and is increasingly seen on camera not working out and just staring at his phone with a dead look in his eyes while muttering something about goblins.

Chuck has disappeared from videos ever since the closure of World Gym. Unfortunately, his legacy is now the new nickname: "Chuck The Cat Abandoner." Lenny accused him of abandoning an unwanted cat in the woods, and he has not yet re-emerged to defend himself.

"My fat accentuates my abs, because the fat rolls look like ab muscles." --Chuckening logic


Formerly known as Saul. a.k.a. The Emperor a.k.a. Jacked LaLanne, a well respected 80something year old man, does lat pulldowns and shoulder presses every single time he's in the gym. Has lots of innocent old man charm, although he is a Korean War veteran. He has a young granddaughter named Candice Lee who makes songs on YouTube. Jason famously got jealous when people gathered around and watched her music video, insisting that he has way more views than her. Sol had not been seen on video in quite a while and a rumour broke out that he had died of old age. Andrew said that this was not the case, and he had merely defected to Planet Fitness across the street (the one that would not allow Lenny to join. It's because he's black right?). It was finally discovered that Saul was alive and had moved to New Jersey, though he was having some health problems. He released a poignant video where he said, "I'm alive and well, and doing my best to stay alive. I miss you all, keep going to the gym, and keep pumping. Don't stop."

"Hi everybody, I just want to thank all my fans out there, I appreciate it, but there's only one problem. There's a few guys that get on the YouTube, and they're using a lot of vulgar language. I don't think it's necessary to use the four letter word on the YouTube." --Sol


Formerly a former heroin addict. She was jailed in Michigan for felony destruction of a police vehicle when she kicked out the back window after being arrested. She moved down to Florida where all the weirdos go to get away from their past lives. She also has a bunch of suicidegirls-type pictures floating around the Internet, including one where she posed in front of a Nazi flag but claims that it was jus a joke, a funny joke. She was young and needed the money for heroin. Don't judge, guys.

Her most memorable moment is when she allowed Jason to get more freaky with a woman than he ever had before in his life, letting him slap her ass as he "spotted" her on a set of donkey calf raises.

In 2017, Emma overdosed on heroin again and went unconscious for two hours with liver damage and kidney failure, and the doctors had to cut out chunks of her calves. Her family disclosed this while setting up a fundraiser to pay for her medical bills. Emma denied that she overdosed on heroin and claimed that she accidentally fell asleep on her legs and that's why they had to cut out her calves whoops lol don't you hate it when that happens?

"He unfortunately did not write back, I'm assuming he was getting tons of fan mail as most serial killers do..." --Emma recalling the time she sent Jeffrey Dahmer a fan letter in prison


Curtis' reaction upon hearing Jason boast about seeing his mom's vagina

aka Chris Rock, he was a front desk worker in Delray Fitness in the early Genova videos, memorably participating in an infamous argument with Jason where after Jason called him "pootie tang", he retorted that Jason had never seen a pussy, which lead to a legendary incestuous monologue from Jason about seeing his mother's pussy and how hot his mother is (we had not seen Jason's alcoholic cunt of a mother at this point, which makes it even funnier in retrospect). He also talked about making a low budget zombie movie with his production company Chocolate Star Entertainment ... despite the name, he insisted that it was not pornographic. Curtis is mostly AWOL from current videos, but did make a brief return in Delray Misfits episode 71. He talked about how Andrew was going to be filming him soon for a behind the scenes look at his life. An apparently disinterested Andrew changed the subject by interrupting him and insisting that Curtis shrank by 2 inches. Come to think of it, even Curtis's voice sounded different than it did in the past; he talked less like Chris Rock and had more of an African accent. Was this a bizarre case of an imposter Curtis appearing, like in that Angelina Jolie movie Changeling?

"If you don't have sex by the fifth grade, something's wrong with you." --Curtis


An ex-boxer known for his flashy, unorthodox training methods in the gym, like behind the back clapping push ups, bosu ball balancing, and various exercises that involve hanging upside down. Lusted after by many of the females in the gym for his strong physique and alpha male personality. He is actually fairly quiet and only speaks when necessary, such as to complain about Jason's body odour. He has been missing from videos for quite a while because he started going to a CrossFit gym instead. Andrew once revealed that JT has an unknown beef with Big Richard and that's the reason why the two have never been seen in a video together. It's only a matter of time until JT returns and the subsequent fight to the death for dominance.

"I was takin a shit in the gym bathroom and the cleaning lady followed me in, shoved the vacuum cleaner underneath the stall and started vacuuming underneath my feet." --JT


A Haitian member of the Misfits who used to work with The Fugees music group. He is permanantly shredded, does the weirdest routine and claims not to watch his diet, yet has an unbelievable physique. He says that the secret to his physique is doing a massive amount of cardio due to riding his bike several miles every day and working in a sweaty detailing shop all day.

Will owns and works in his car detailing shop. Memorably, Andrew arranged for Jason to shadow Will and potentially lead to a change of career for him instead of his dead end job as a Publix bag boy. Predictably, Jason fell asleep and missed the entire thing, thus making the exercise redundant. Will detailed Andrew and Jason's car for free, so Jason and his mother were eager to take advantage of Will's generosity and get even more free car cleanings. On another occasion, Jason Jewnova complained that he was broke and not able to buy a coffee at Dunkin Donuts, implying that somebody was going to have to buy one for him. Will stepped up and said, "You know I got you man, you're never broke when I'm here bro!"

Will's most famous moment is when he manned the camera and commentated one of Jason's many posing sessions in the gym locker room (a transcript can be found below). This led Andrew to suggest that Will should be the new commentator for Mr. Olympia, then it might actually be entertaining to watch.

"Look at dat! Aight! Pretty tight, boi. Squeeze. Look at that muscle. What you think about dat. Yeea. Stay focused boi. Focus ... Focus on that muscle. C'mon now show me show me your cock dere man. Uhhh maaa. You see it? You see it?! You feel it?! YOU FEEL IT?! Heheh. YEEEEAAAAAHH. Gimme dat brissy move, boiiiiiiiii. Hehehe eh k naow. I know you see it. I know you laughing at it. You see it. Stop playing! You see dat! YOU KNOW DAT BOI SEXY MAN! LET DAT BOI DO HIS TING! Dat boy so sexy - c'mon now. So how you feel man? Sickening? That's about ... that's what it's about man. Sickening, man." --Will (video link)


Former front desk worker at Delray Fitness who constantly broke Jason's balls. Jason once stank so badly that Damien sprayed him with Lysol. His loathing for Jason may have stemmed from an incident where Damien was humiliated in front of his wife when he was chewed out by the gym owner for letting Jason run amok in the gym.

One day, while Jason was hanging from a cable machine, Damien announced that he was going to give him a birthday present, then punched him hard enough in the ribs that a loud "thud" could be heard. Former semi pro UFC fighter Jason Genova didn't even flinch and simply laughed.

"Put your legs away, nobody wants to see your legs dude, they're not sexy dude. They're as hairy as the back of your neck." --Damien


Hot MILFy lady with a ripped body in her 40s. She worked the front desk of World Gym and was often annoyed by Jason Genova's antics. However, she enjoyed watching fan made YouTube videos about Jason and the Misfits and may have secretly enjoyed The Ment. Jason challenged her to do the ice bucket challenge, probably influenced by fans who preferred that she do it in a tight white top, and she agreed to do it later. Unfortunately, she announced that she got a new job as a manager at a different gym, and left without doing it. Her new job mysteriously fell through and she returned to World Gym, conveniently after the whole ice bucket challenge fad had died off.


Another former front desk lady at World Gym. She tended to be overshadowed by Jen when it came to attention from Andrew and Genova's Witnesses, but she seemed pretty kinky. She enjoyed oggling the legs of the gym-goers and openly wanted the D from JT (who doesn't though (no homo)). She also expressed a keen interest in Brad. However, Brad completely ignored her and changed the subject. This is one of the few times we have seen genuine fear from Brad.

"I'm a very bad girl. I need to be spanked." --Adrianna


aka Meg Griffin. Down to earth girl with glasses who can lift an impressive amount of weight ... for a girl. May or may not have started wearing a hat because Miscers/YouTubers commented on her hairline.

"I'm a girl now." --Liz


An old lady who was Andrew's somewhat failed attempt at finally getting a female Misfit onto the show (this was before the days of Jennifer, Emma, Adrianna, and Liz). Genova's Witnesses begged Andrew not to give her any more camera time because she often went off on long, pointless tangents, like Grandpa Simpson. She still makes some rare appearances every now and then.

". . . Like the time I caught the ferry to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for m'shoe. So I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. 'Gimme five bees for a quarter,' you'd say. Now where were we ... oh yeah. The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. I didn't have any white onions, because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones ..."

Debbie D'Andrea

aka Dibbie. Out of all the bizarre twists in the Jason Genova saga, this one may have actually topped them all. During Delray Misfits episode 71, Jason was approached in the gym by an enormous muscular woman who said that he was looking a little down. The two appeared to know each other already, and Jason was visibly nervous around her; Jason once claimed to have had sex with a bodybuilding chick who locked him in handcuffs. Viewers had just written this off as a lie at the time, but could there be a connection? At any rate, Andrew jokingly explained to her that Jason had injured his coccyx, which gave the woman a genuinely concerned expression on her face (no doubt she had broken the coccyx of a few guys herself). She explained that she was championship winning bodybuilder Debbie D'Andrea, and she agreed to become Jason's new coath. It was later revealed that she was not only a bodybuilder, but a porn star who made muscle woman domination fetish videos; Genova's Witnesses discovered her porn website (which has a layout straight out of the 1990s) and found videos of her fucking Santa Claus and wrestling a guy in a gimp mask, putting him in submission holds as he desperately tapped out by slapping her ass. Thus, we had the absolutely mind blowing situation of Jason having a porn star coath, and helping her promote her porn videos on his channel.

This arrangement worked out well though, because Jason was genuinely afraid of her and didn't dare to disobey her commands. He was also clearly happy to have a female that he could shoot the shit with about bodybuilding, as he asked her opinion on things like how Dorian Yates got to be so freaky. Debbie even suggested that the two could shoot a wrestling video together, and this would no doubt lead to the inevitable escalation to the Jason x Debbie porn video "Debbie Does Delray" ...

Shortly after this bizarre new chapter in the Jason Genova story began however, it soon came to an end. Debbie told Andrew that she no longer wanted to be in videos, because apparently fans were harassing her. It should be made clear that these kinds of idiots are not endorsed by the Genova's Witness community. They are most likely part of a dark sect associated with the Monkey Prick Facebook group. They could have at least waited until the goddamn wrestling video was made!

"I feel like I'm wrestling a little baby GIRL! You have more excuses than anyone I've ever met! You're a little slow and a little weak for me. Do you think you can go and train for a couple years and come back? Do you have a bigger brother?" --Debbie


Known for always wearing a golf hat and showing off his conquests on the dating website Plenty Of Fish. He once showed Andrew a naked picture that a sloot sent him, and Andrew attempted to censor it out on video, but failed. Nipples ahoy!

Andrew The Trainer

aka Coath Andrew aka Black Andrew, a front desk worker who also competes in Men's Physique. Due to his half black half Swedish heritage, he calls himself "The Nordic Negro." At first, Witnesses were happy just to have a World Gym employee who tolerated the insane antics of Jason and the Delray Misfits, but he went even further than that and is now knee deep in The Ment, attempting to train Jason whenever he can, and helping to run the Delray Misfits website and Instagram. He actually comes close to matching the strength level of Big Jay Masters in certain lifts, despite weighing much less. Perhaps more impressively than that, he posted a naked picture of Jennifer on the Delray Misfits Instagram after the two appeared to have finished banging.

Andrew spent hours a day training Jason for his bodybuilding show at the Ruby Championships 2015 free of charge, only for Jason to have the MC announce that he was trained by PJ Braun, who didn't even come to Jason's show, let alone train him.


Has truly ridiculously sized arms, earning him the nickname "Synthol Mark" which is either true or a compliment. Despite his small stature, he is one of the strongest Misfits, benching 345 pounds for 9 reps. He is thought to be second only to Big Jay Masters in strength. Jay Masters often teases Mark by implying that he's scared of women. He extended an open offer on camera to help Mark get laid: "So if any of you ladies out there are interested, come on down to Delray Beach and you can be Mark's first!"

"Fuck em all, they're all scumbags. They're all bought and sold. This country's finished. Sorry youngins, but your future looks bleak. It's over. It's over, man." --Mark's sunny outlook on the 2016 American presidential election

Andrew Collura

A legendary figure who was one of the original Delray Misfits along with Andrew Fiedelman, Lenny, Big Richard, and Sol back at the original World Gym, across the street from the current World Gym, predating even Jason Genova's videos. In the first ever Jason Genova video, My Storie Part 1, Andrew Collura actually made a hidden guest appearance: as Jason was posing, he said, "Look at that Andrew, you know I'm gonna go pro before you and make my millions!" While Andrew Collura and Lenny commentated and chuckled off camera. However, shortly after the Jason Genova saga began in 2009, Collura moved out of Delray Beach, and his whereabouts were unknown for nearly a decade.

He is the only Misfit who is actually capable of defeating Big Jay Masters in a strength competition, since he has benched 650 pounds, 100% raw, despite being only 23 years old and only training in powerlifting for a very short time. This lift is considered one of the most impressive lifts of all time for sheer brute strength when you factor in his lack of leg drive. At this time, he also boasted a 765 pound deadlift for 4 reps. Powerlifting watchers called him "a once in a decade talent" and believe that he could have set a world record if only he had pursued it further; instead, he became a bodybuilder, winning the heavyweight division of the Florida state championships in Orlando in 2006.

Big Lenny could not go a single video without mentioning "My partner Andrew" and all his past feats of strength and all the mischief that they used to cause together. Judging by the way Lenny gushed about him, he may very well have meant, "My life partner Andrew." How's that for a mental image: two 300+ pound freaks walking down the streets of Delray Beach together hand in hand. The two of them were hired to evict crackheads out of houses and collect money for loan sharks. Collura and Lenny once needed some special 100 pound plates for their workout, so they walked right into a high school gym during school hours, picked up the 100 pound plates, walked out, and started loading the plates into Collura's truck. The staff and everyone involved were too scared to say anything.

Because Collura disappeared and all we had were some old photos of him and Lenny's stories, Andrew Collura was sort of a mythical figure in the Genovaverse, but the possibility of him one day returning to World Gym was always in the back of people's minds. Finally, in 2018, it happened. "King Andrew" Collura returned to Delray Beach, and it was a monumental event comparable to Odysseus returning to Ithaca or Goku arriving on Namek. He lost some size because he hadn't touched steroids in several years but was still pretty big. His visit touched off a ment firestorm that involved Big Lenny starring in a tranny porno. Collura showed some old photos of himself back in his prime when he was so muscular and ripped that he was molested by a hot mom and daughter on the beach. Collura has recently gotten back on the juice, so he will almost certainly blow up again and re-assert himself on the top of the strength and size hierarchy of the Delray Misfits.

"At what point did I realize, 'holy shit, I can lift more weight than the average person'? When everybody would stop and stare at me in prime time in the gym." --King Andrew

Mysterious Steve Martin Look-Alike Who Flexes And Then Runs Away From The Camera

????????? ?????????? ??????????



Jonas Crew "The Empire"

Left to right: Jonas, White Chocolate, Jason Genova, Attorney Scott Miller

aka The Rat Prick Pack. Jason's original filming crew who helped Jason first gain notoriety in 2009. Generally looked down upon as low life degenerates, the dark side of the force to Andrew and the Misfits' light side of the force. "My Story Part 1" was the first ever Jason Genova video, and subsequent editions of the My Story franchise have also been produced by this crew. Jason was ordered to dump Jonas and the rest of the crew by PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman after My Story Part 7 was released, threatening to cut off his Iron Mag Labs sponsorship. Jason complied, and they had an ugly falling out which resulted in Jason's old channel being deleted. Some of the older My Story videos were lost, possibly forever. After Iron Mag Labs dumped Jason due to lack of results, he reunited with Jonas and they resumed production of videos together. The Jonas crew is not on good terms with Andrew and the Misfits, and the two factions vie for The Dark Piss Lord's love and loyalty.

Jonas Guerrero

aka Rat Prick, he's an aspiring DJ whose crowning achievement is a poverty techno track called The Spaniard Shuffle that sounds like it was composed in a shareware Windows media program. Which it was. He also believes himself to be the leader of an entertainment empire called JonasGTV, even though his stable just consists of Jason and a few other bums he literally found off the street. He has drawn the ire of: Jason's mother, Andrew, PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman, as well as the vast majority of Genova's Witnesses. Generally seen as an exploitative, bad influence on Jason who makes him engage in bad behaviour, he nevertheless has produced some entertaining content and helped create the monster that is Jason Genova. He has known Jason since high school, and it's believed that the two were probably in special ed classes together and were like Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro.

"Jason Genova is one in a million. As soon as you meet him you know he's a star." --Jonas

Joe Skee

aka Joey Joe, he is the main interviewer of Jason Genova in the My Story videos, getting him to reveal many interesting details about his life such as the fact that he only masturbates when he has sex. He had a falling out with Jason and Jonas after My Story Part 7 was released, supposedly dealt meth, stole all the ad money from Jason's original YouTube channel and then deleted it after he was kicked out of the crew. Despite this, he eventually returned to the crew and reprised his usual role with the microphone.

"Now Josh Foxx. Take a look at these flying kicks. Beware Josh Foxx." --Joey Joe Joe Junior Shabadoo

Attorney Scott Miller

"I'm here to verify the contract signing of this contract."

First appeared in a video where Jason and Jonas signed a contract to "split half of the royalties 50/50" from The Spaniard Shuffle. He appeared to be high AF and showed little comprehension for what was going on or what he was even saying. He says that money is not the only green that he accepts in exchange for his services. It's unknown whether he is a real life poverty lawyer or just a scam artist, not unlike Dolan Duck. He is now the most popular member of the Jonas Crew.

Another legendary Scott Miller moment was when Jason and Jonas attempted to make a serious video explaining whom they were blocking on Facebook and why, and Scott Miller giggled uncontrollably throughout the whole thing when they brought up Monkey Prick and Rat Prick pictures (video).

"The crime that was broken, it was uhhhhh ... I don't know." --Scott Miller, attorney at law

White Chocolate

Tall bald mentally ill goofball who claims to dance to raise awareness for breast cancer or some shit like that. He only has one dance move, where he bends over backwards and kind of humps the air, but he does it well and does it frequently. A well known figure among residents of Delray Beach, he can be spotted out on the streets dancing and rambling incoherently. One gets the feeling that the breast cancer thing is just a front so he can get laid.

"I was out there with Jason Ginobli today, and Scott Miller the attorney, and he was doing some dance, some Spanish dance or something like that, I don't know he does his thing, it ain't for me but he can do it." --White Chocolate

Angel J

Gay black guy who filmed My Storie Part 1, the first ever Jason Genova video. Possibly tricked Jason into stripping down bare ass naked to re-enact a scene from Terminator in My Story Part 3. Once wore a girl's wig and pranced around in the background while Jason was trying to read a bodybuilding magazine and explain to the viewers how Jay Cutler won the Olympia by "building a new set of world class legs".

In July 2014, Angel J denounced Jonas and appears to have defected to the Delray Misfits. He's also claiming that he's not actually gay. Maybe he, like Jason, "was gay a long time ago, but I stopped, I went straight."

"I'm here with the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME to interview the #1 champion of the welterweight division, Jason Genova." --Angel J

Manny Brazil

aka Dong King, real name Manny Bazile. Jason Genova was supposed to introduce him to the camera, but screwed up his name and called him Manny Brazil and the name stuck. He appeared in a video on Jonas's channel where he, Joe Skee and Attorney Scott Miller went out for a night on the town, ie the Wal Mart parking lot. They said a girl came up to Manny Brazil and asked him for $5, which he agreed to on the condition that she give him a blow job. Later on, Joe Skee said that they were offered crack and smoked it. At the end of the video, Manny Brazil announced a disclaimer that they were all joking about smoking crack and it was just for entertainment. He didn't deny getting a $5 blow job in the parking lot, though.

Deeana The Hutt

Hefty succubus who traveled all the way from "COLD CHICAGO" to Florida in order to freeload off of Jason. A video was made on Jonas's channel that unveiled her as Jason's new girlfriend, and interviewer Joey Joe Joe asked the pair about frequency of blow jobs, hand jobs and so forth. Afterwards, Deanna and Jason made their own video where Deanna said that she was appalled by the Jonas video, and she made Jason apologize and clarify that the two were only friends. Thus, Jason had the utterly humiliating experience of being friend-zoned by a fat beeyotch. Eventually, Jason's mom found out that Jason had been sneaking her into his condo at night and kicked her out.

After Jason and Jonas split up, Jonas made a video with Deanna that implied that he had stolen her away from Jason. He seemed to be proud of this.

"So if you Miscers are nice to me, you'll see me in further videos bringing the ments. And the ments will be broughten ... more than ever before." --Deeana

Jason Genova Family

 The annual family Christmas tradition where they gather round and admire Jason flexing in his red speedo.

Jason's family background was actually not well known until 2014. It was assumed that his real surname was Frantzen, and that Genova was just a middle name or something he made up because he thought it sounded cool (he also called himself Jason Giovanni in My Story Part 1). However, information soon came forward from someone his stepsister: She revealed that his biological father was someone named Gary Genova, and Stan Frantzen was merely his stepfather. It was also revealed that his mother's family were rich as F Jews, owned upscale restaurants in Beverly Hills and a house in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Could Jason's lies about owning a Lamborghini and "Ford Viper" actually be true?!

Jane Genova/Frantzen/Herting

Jason's mom meeting her son's bodybuilding idol Richard Gaspari. She dressed up in her best pug-wearing-a-crown shirt for the occasion.

Jane Frantzen Genova Herting aka Mama Genova aka Mrs. Sith Lord. Gave birth to "The world's most famous bagboy" Jason Genova. He calls her "mother" like he's Norman Bates. In July 2014, Andrew was shocked to discover that Jane had become a member of World Gym, and went at the same time as Lenny during the day. What ensued was a bizarre video where Jane felt up the muscles of various Misfits while licking her lips and generally acting cracked out. Later, she participated in an infamous video where she went to Costco with Jason and Andrew, where it was discovered that Jason drinks entire bottles of mouthwash within days (this ... explains some things). While shopping, they also met boxing promoter Don King. Jane mixed him up with Martin Luther King Jr, and she went up to him and said that she loved his "I have a dream" speech (video).

Despite everything, she was responsible for one of the most touching moments in the entire Genova saga, when she started crying after Jason had done a collaboration video with Richard Gaspari because she was so proud of him. Jason misunderstood and thought that she was crying because she got to meet Arnold Classic winner Richard Gaspari (video). She also graduated from the Cordon Bleu cooking academy in New York and started up her own cooking channel, with special guest appearances from people like Big Lenny. YouTube is surely puzzled when they check the demographics and see that the audience for a middle aged woman's cooking channel is mostly guys in their early 20s.

"Let him choke himself then, let him hang himself on the barbell." --Jason's mom, on her beloved son Jason Genova

"This event is really sick, shit, and piss. Wow." -Jane at the Mr. Olympia expo

Jason's Grandma

The matriarch of the family. She is called "mum mum" by Jason. Her grandson Jason Genova once bestowed upon her the honour of filming him flex in his underwear. When she expressed confusion over how the camera worked, Jason slapped his thigh in frustration, went up to inspect the camera, then squealed in annoyance, "IT'S ALREADY ROLLING!" To view this legendary video, just click on this.



During Jason Genova's 2014 Christmas party video, Jason challenged a seemingly random man named Harvey to a drinking contest, which he agreed to. But when Jason brought him the beer, he immediately forfeited. This proved the legendary Jason Genova adage that "Sometimes nobody shows up and you automatically win." However, the loser by default would end up having the last laugh: he was banging Jason's mom!

Jason spotted Harvey and his mom pawing at each other in the kitchen, and it was discovered that he was indeed Jane's new boyfriend. Who knows, judging by his utter lunacy, it's entirely possible that he's Jason's biological father. Harvey and Jane baked a cinnamon cake, and they both took in the smell together while making orgasmic sex moans. As one YouTube commenter put it: "my wife actually hit me because she thought I was giving my pant antler a tug to some porno, but no no, just a couple old fucks smelling a cake." Other characters in this Christmas party video included: Jason's GILF Bible study teacher and crackhead Lou Ferrigno wearing a dress (when asked for his opinion on the orgasm cake, he simply replied, "It's gawt nuts in it!").

"Yeah I'm Tarzan when I got my ring, and we wanna make sure that we get some bling, and we're gonna BLINGABINGWIAWINGANAWINWINAWAYO! EREYOWAYOYOWAYOWAHOWADAHIYA! BOYA! HUEHUEHUEHUE!" --Harvey

Gary Genova

Jason's biological father. Not much is known about him outside of him knocking up Jason Genova's mom and then booking it the fuck out of there.

Stan Frantzen (deceased)

Little Jason visiting Stan in the hospital.

Jason's stepfather, worked for the operating engineers. Died of cancer in 2001. Jason always talks about him as if he was his real father, and has never once even mentioned his biological father. The few people who knew Jason when he was young report that he was doing well despite his disabilities and seemed more or less normal, but his condition deteriorated after the death of his stepfather. Stan's biological children allege that Jane buried him and hid his final resting place from them, but they actually managed to find it after an astute Witness saw a picture that Jason posted to Instagram where he visited Stan's grave and was able to ascertain its location.

The Sithening Stepsiblings: Pixie123, Shelley Frantzen and Dan Frantzen

Stan Frantzen's biological daughters and son. First appeared in YouTube comments sections on videos where Jason's mom appeared, and later on The Misc and FitMisc. Before Jason's family background was known, he once made a cryptic video where he talked about a stepsister that nobody knows about who he has feelings for. Everybody just assumed that he was off his rocker and was making up stories about imaginary stepsisters. They all have the exact same vendetta against Jason's mother's side of the family, and are obsessed with telling everybody that Jason Genova and his mom have no genetic relation to the Frantzens (who can blame them I suppose). They allege that Jason's mom once came downstairs wearing nothing but bra and panties in an attempt to seduce Stan's brother.


Get Fit Fast Supplements

A supplement retailer owned by ex-cop Adam Harper, Jason's former coath from early 2014. Adam also ran a fitness boot camp with his wife. He used his own house as a warehouse for supplements, pro hormones and t-shirts that had some atrociously ugly colour schemes and cheesy slogans on them like: "YOUR WORKOUT IS MY WARM UP" "I DON'T TAKE STEROIDS BUT THANKS FOR ASKING" and of course, the famous "I'd flex but I like this shirt" shirt, which Jason misread as "I'd flex my butt, I like shit" (yet he STILL enjoyed wearing a shirt that he thought said that. Jason Genova is truly one of a kind.) Adam appeared to make a very good living off of his company and boot camp, because he and his wife owned a Lexus SUV and seemingly took a vacation every few weeks. Adam eventually announced his ambitions to expand Get Fit Fast Supplements and make his own supplement company rather than just being a middleman. He closed down his boot camp and looked into getting an actual warehouse for his company. Due to this commitment, and in the face of mounting pressure from his wife to stop spending all his time with Jason, he resigned as Jason's coath.

Adam Harper

Cheeky bald kent who first appeared in a video where he put Jason through a boot camp style cardio workout. At first met with universal derision from Genova's Witnesses for his cockiness, broscience, trash talking of traditional bodybuilding workouts and love affair with burpees and CrossFit, Adam would go on to become one of the most beloved and important characters in the history of the Jason Genova saga. He formally took over as Jason's coath from PJ Braun, and promised everyone that he would get Jason abs. What's more, he insisted that Jason do it naturally, and forbade him from using the "skittles" (pro hormones) that he loved so much. Nobody believed him, because it had already been established that this was impossible. Jason had been trying and failing for 10 years to get abs, and couldn't even do it with PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman giving him free groceries, pro hormones and training plans.

Undaunted, Adam did a video with Jason nearly every day and forced him to complete grueling cardio workouts and weight training. Despite this, his progress was mysteriously slow. It was discovered that Jason was cheating on his diet, which led to the infamous "Dunkingate" incident where Jason insisted that he only went to Dunkin Donuts to get water, because the gym's water really sucks! Once, Adam came back from vacation and Jason got fat as fuck, gaining an incredible 10 pounds in only one week. Rather than admit that he cheated on his diet, Jason used the excuse that he was shooting steroids and that his fat was bloat from the testosterone (only Jason Genova would lie about doing illegal steroids in order to get out of admitting he ate junk food). Jason even uploaded a notorious video to his channel where he told haters to stop criticizing and bangin on him while he had what appeared to be frosting on the side of his mouth (you just can't make this shit up).

Adam had some fun times with Jason as well, and became something of a father figure to him. He arranged for him to meet a number of his bodybuilding idols, including Ronnie Coleman and Richard Gaspari. He took on the ugly assignment of shaving off all of Jason's body hair in a public gazebo (strong wtfs all around from the majority elderly Jewish population of Delray Beach). He even took Jason out for his birthday and gave him a set of nice clothes. Note that he did all of this for free. Aaron Singerman was heard on his radio show trash talking Jason and Adam, mocking the latter for paying Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler to do a video with him, and said that he had no chance of getting Jason shredded. Refusing to throw in the towel, Adam became increasingly obsessed with getting Jason abs at all costs; he started stalking Jason at his workplace every day, demanding to see what he brought for lunch. He paid Jason's co-workers to spy on him and make sure he wasn't disobeying his diet. He raided his fridge and even his wallet for evidence of junk food receipts. He took Jason to the drive through window of Burger King and asked the employee if she recognized this man.

Finally, after months of hardship, Adam had finally done the impossible: Jason's abs revealed themselves for the first time ever. It's true that Jason didn't really "make it" or anything, but Adam never said that he would get him 4% shredded with striated, shreds cuts and vascularing defination. He promised that he would get Jason abs, and that mission was accomplished. Soon after, Adam had to drop Jason due to his wife's pregnancy and the new business. Godspeed Coath Adam. Good luck with your supplement company and fatherhood, but you should really name the baby Jason. Just sayin ...

Jason's all time worst physique on the left, December 2012, PJ Braun era. Jason's all time best physique on the right, March 2014 after 6 months under Adam's supervision

"Jason, you are BY FAR the most difficult client I have ever had. King sized Milky Way? Are you an idiot Jason? Do you think this is what bodybuilders eat to get in shape? NO, then why are you doing it?! What's your excuse? Are you hungry? Do you just not give a fuck? So tell me, why are you wasting my time? I work 70 hours a week, my wife is ready to kill me because she's sick of me spending all my time with you. I am putting ALL of my effort and ALL of my resources into this. I have never tried at anything so hard in my life ... you know why? Because if I give up, all the haters and the doubters win, and I can't stand losing." --Adam

Brianna Harper

Bri and Tucker demonstrating their platonic friendship

aka Bri aka The Anti Ment. Adam's wife who has the voice of a porn star and the physique of Hulk Hogan. Was often in a very bitchy mood on camera and clearly lost tolerance for The Stench Lord and his constant visits to their house. She eventually got so fed up with Jason that she pressured Adam into severing ties with him. During the emotional video where Adam told Jason that he couldn't be his coath anymore, Bri even forbade the pet dog Jason from sitting down on the furniture because he was too sweaty. Many Genova's Witnesses suspect that she's cheating on Adam, because several Facebook pictures of her grinding on guys who are not Adam surfaced (including the BBC). On rare occasions she was actually nice to Jason, and even did the Spaniard Shuffle with him one time. Usually she was in a good mood after coming home late at night, hmmm ...


Adam's employee, who showed annoyance with being filmed, and clearly did not "get" the Jason Genova phenomenon. He's suspected of banging Bri, especially since they are both from Vermont, and she got pregnant soon after he moved into their house to help out with the supplement company ... coincidence? I guess we'll know for sure if the baby comes out with a super punchable douche face.

"Fuck off!" --Tucker


Adam's friend. He challenged Jason to a freestyle rap battle in the car, and Jason came up with: "I'm a gangsta, I'm a wanksta! I'm from the east coast, I'm from the west coast!" The hell? You're supposed to pick a coast!

Blackstone Labs

A supplement company founded by PJ Braun and Aaron Singerman. The pair originally worked for Iron Mag Labs and got Jason sponsored by the company in December 2012. PJ and Aaron had the ambition of creating their own supplement company so they could have complete control and reap all the profits. Iron Mag Labs CEO Robert DiMaggio was scared that the pro hormone Super DMZ 2.0 would be imminently banned by the FDA, in which case he'd be stuck with thousands of bottles of it in his warehouse that he wouldn't be able to sell anymore. PJ and Aaron offered to take the risk of selling the Super DMZ 2.0 themselves under the label Blackstone Labs, giving DiMaggio a 30% stake in the new company. PJ and Aaron used their marketing savvy to sell all of the Super DMZ 2.0 within 5 weeks, walking away with $75,000 in profits each. They used the money to create more and more original products of their own. DiMaggio always hated Jason, never approved of the sponsorship and ordered PJ to get rid of him. He wanted PJ to go get Jay Cutler, not a chubby Publix bagboy. PJ and DiMaggio had a big fight after PJ stood by Jason, and this eventually led to PJ and Aaron leaving Iron Mag Labs. They bought out DiMaggio's share in Blackstone Labs, became totally independent, and continued to sponsor Jason through their own company. Since that time, Jason has bounced in and out of Blackstone Labs after various scandals and reunifications.

Blackstone Labs eventually grew into a multi-million dollar company. PJ and Aaron, like DiMaggio, feared that pro hormones and shady ingredients in their pre-workouts would be imminently banned, so they needed some security. They created Prime Nutrition, a sister company that had safer and more mainstream products. It had limited success because much of the reason why Blackstone Labs got so popular is because of their image as a company that sold hardcore bodybuilding supplements that were on the edge of legality. Aaron eventually left to start up his own supplement company, RedCon1, and he and PJ had a falling out after PJ accused him of stealing a list of client e-mail addresses from the Blackstone Labs database and contacting them to buy RedCon1 products. Even after leaving, Aaron still owned 35% of Blackstone Labs and had voting rights, but PJ attempted to throw him out. He was legally unable to do so, and they finally reached an agreement to trade Aaron's shares in Blackstone Labs for shares in other companies. PJ even started photoshopping promotional pictures of him and Aaron together to remove the latter, like Stalin did after he had one of his men killed. To make matters worse, Prime Nutrition suffered a major scandal where one of their athletes, John Meadows, accused them of under dosing their products. PJ was essentially forced to resign from Prime Nutrition and sell his shares in the company in September 2016. After Meadows went public with the accusations, PJ retaliated with a late night Genova-esque webcam video where he walked around his house in circles while lambasting John Meadows and Aaron Singerman, even saying, "Peace out bye" at the end. Prime Nutrition, which was supposed to be PJ's ticket to a breakthrough in the mainstream supplement market, was brought back under the control of his ex-friend and new nemesis Aaron Singerman.

PJ Braun (right) and Aaron Singerman (left)

aka Pajamas Braun and Andrew Zingerman, a pair of bodybuilders who were always together like Siegfried and Roy.

PJ's tragic back story reveals his entry into the bodybuilding world: His father abandoned the family when PJ was 8 years old. When PJ started working out in high school to make the football team, his mom reached back out to his estranged father (a former bodybuilder) to teach his son how to lift weights. The two bonded as they trained together every day, but as PJ got stronger and stronger, his father grew more hostile as PJ approached his father's strength levels. The day that PJ finally bested him, his father bitterly told him to remember something: "No matter how big you get, there's always going to be someone better". From that day on, his father no-showed to their gym sessions, claiming that he didn't have time. PJ said that his whole motivation for becoming the biggest bodybuilder in the world and building the best supplement company in the world was to get revenge on his father and prove him wrong.

PJ and Aaron were best friends and old school Genova's Witnesses from back in the My Story era, laughing at Jason's videos along with Ron Harris on the Muscular Development forums in 2009. They invited Jason onto their radio show, and later, naively believed that they could get Jason Genova shredded if they gave him free steroids, training, groceries, and diet plans. They sponsored Jason through their affiliated supplement company Iron Mag Labs and even offered him $1,000 if he won a local bodybuilding show. They even gave him his own coupon code, Jason15, where fans could get a 15% discount off Iron Mag Labs products. PJ Braun formally appointed himself as Jason's new coath. Little did he know of the horrors that awaited him ...

Jason got fatter than ever, dirty bulking his way up to around 230 pounds and was famously caught swallowing an ice cream cone whole in one bite when he thought the camera was turned off. PJ and Aaron's annoyance with Jason reached an all time high with the release of the controversial My Story Part 7, which once again showcased Jason cheating on his diet, among other things like breaking flaming boards with his ass. PJ and Aaron were ordered by the Iron Mag Labs CEO to get rid of Jason, but after they separated and created their own company, Blackstone Labs, they continued to sponsor Jason. However, they too eventually dropped Jason after he started making emo Facebook posts where he threatened suicide after he and Andrew split up after Cameragate. PJ was forced to sever all ties with Jason after he kept pining for his ex coath over the phone and Twitter. They even gave Jason a few hundred dollars in "severance pay" just to frig off. They did reunite over a year later, and had a mutually beneficial relationship since videos with Jason got far more views than any other videos on the Blackstone Labs YouTube channel, and in exchange Jason got a ridiculous amount of free supplements and "gas money" every time he showed up to the warehouse.

PJ and Aaron once ran a contest where people had to buy a Blackstone Labs product and write an essay explaining why they wanted to receive free tickets to go see a Slipknot concert with PJ and sponsored IFBB pro bodybuilder Aaron Clark. Unfortunately, they were kicked out of the concert because PJ got shitfaced and got into a fight with a security guard. PJ said to him: "Just so you know, If you are going to throw me out I will probably kill you and everybody that is around us." The contest winner must have been pissed: he bought a Blackstone Labs product, wrote an essay, and flew all the way down to Florida only for the asshole who drove him to the concert to get them all kicked out 5 songs in by getting wasted and sticking his thumb in a security guard's surgical wound, it's so pissening.

PJ was forced to dump Jason once again after he made a scandalous video where he said Rich Piana deserved to die because he didn't collab with him for a second time, though many Witnesses suspect that the real reason was Jonas leaking a video where Jason alleged that PJ cheated on his ex-wife Celeste Bonin (former WWE star Kaitlyn) by doing gay for pay. While true that PJ did G4P a long time ago, the general consensus is that it was actually Celeste who cheated on PJ; there was video and photo evidence of her making slutty strip videos and nude selfies to send to other guys. In fact, PJ had invoices with the names of two different guys who used PJ's credit card to book hotel rooms with his wife. Unfortunately, none of this helped PJ in divorce court since Florida is a no-fault state and he got taken to the cleaners.

Aaron eventually had a falling out with PJ and left to start RedCon1. This was detrimental to PJ's success since Aaron was generally considered to be the brains behind Blackstone Labs and had far more intelligence for business, whereas PJ's main role was being the face of the company for marketing. Today, PJ is all alone and enjoys making YouTube videos where he peddles his questionably legal oral steroids and shows off his expensive sports cars, even though absolutely nobody watches the videos except for Genova's Witnesses, who to this day continue to troll the comments section with: "Where's Jason?" and: "Jason15 coupon code doesn't work?"

"There is no way you can mess this up, it's going to be idiot proof. It's going to be Jason proof!" --PJ Braun on Jason's diet plan

"Jason off Meds is wayyy different than on them. The time before last, when he told us he stopped taking all his Meds, he was legit talking to himself and pacing the streets outside for hours before coming in. When I asked him what he was doing all he could say was 'trolls, trolls, trolls ruining my life'... Over and over again. He was honestly a little scary to be around and made most of my staff very uncomfortable." --Aaron Singerman

Cody Montgomery

a.k.a. Cody Montgomfery, because Jason is unable to pronounce his name correctly, presumably because of his DSL lips. Cody is an IFBB pro bodybuilder sponsored by Blackstone Labs who was assigned to be one of Jason's coaths for the 2017 Ruby Championships, and he soon began enjoying The Ment. The only videos on the Blackstone Labs YouTube channel that get any views are the ones with Jason in them, but with one notable exception: a massage session that Cody had in a hotel room. At first glance. it seems odd that this video has over a million views until you realize that something strange is going on in the comments section: the video accidentally went viral among the gay community because it features a hunky masseur rubbing down Cody's ass and feet, it less stress!

Karen Yoakum

aka Goddess Prick, an IFBB pro figure model who PJ Braun assigned to be Jason's main coath for the 2017 Ruby Championships. Genova inadvertently insulted her when they first met by saying that she "looks good for off season mode" even though she was actually 4 weeks out from doing a show. However, The Iron Prophet actually turned out to be right because she ended up tying for last place out of 28 competitors. This is no knock against her abilities though since bikini figure contests are notorious for having mysterious judging criteria, it politics bro. Blackstone Labs assigned a whole panel of coaths to supervise Jason for the Ruby, but Karen was the most beloved of them all among Witnesses due to her upbeat personality and throwback to Adam Harper's workouts. She didn't even get mad at the Shit Lord when he insinuated to Brad that he was "eating her monkey" unlike Diana Maybrook who flipped out after a similar insinuation. With Karen's help, Jason got into incredibly good shape (by his standards) two months out from the Ruby. Unfortunately, after PJ Braun was forced to dump Jason, he coped with the loss of his goddess by stress eating at Burger King, and without her cardio-intensive workouts he bloated back up and looked like complete shit at the Ruby. Despite Jason being fired from Blackstone Labs, Karen still showed up to the Ruby to cheer him on.

"I gave Jason specific meal programs. Very professional and specific, like there's no way that he can mess it up." --Coath Karen (challenge accepted)

Diana Maybrook

a.k.a. Bessie a.k.a. Sexy Sis, a 19 year old who claimed that she was on track to become a doctor and had the intelligence to do so, but dropped out of university because she wanted to have more freedom. This is strikingly similar to Jason Blaha's delusions of being smart enough to become a doctor but didn't feel like putting in the work, opting instead to make 50 bucks a day on YouTube. Diana attended community college for a dental hygienist program instead. She again dropped out, leaving New Jersey behind and heading down to the land of delusional potatoes -- Florida -- to make it big and become the youngest IFBB pro ever. To this end, she got a job at Blackstone Labs where she was assigned to do videos with Jason Genova. She probably likened herself to a porn actress who just has to do this one gig and it will be her ticket to Hollywood superstardom. She was soon fired after she had an ugly falling out with The Piss Lord after he insinuated on a radio show that he was banging her, and PJ Braun decided that she was no longer worth the headache. In desperation, she sold a bunch of her old clothes online: her underwear and shoes were quickly snapped up, but the remainder remained unsold (it's a mystery to me). She is still on social media begging for likes and subscribers and invites people to private message her if they need life advice, which she promptly responds to by offering some kind of coaching scam to learn how to be a hotshot Forex trader. She claims that if she ever decides to give up the social media attention whoring lifestyle, then she'll go study law. More than likely she would be graduating from the law school at University of American Samoa and then go work for The Law Office of Attorney Scott Miller.

Her adventures with Genova were short-lived but menty: The pair went to a cafe together, and she took up two parking spots with her Maserati (either leased or paid for with daddy's money) so no one would scratch it. She then infamously friend zoned Genova on camera after he made several failed attempts to hit on her. What was he expecting? He wore a cheap white suit with a giant stain on the back. The least he could have done was wear his finest threads that look like someone took his Publix bagboy uniform and made a suit out of it.

Diana once showed up to Jason's place to cook some salmon while he was dressed in nothing but his underwear. Diana's tits being featured prominently in the thumbnail of the video drew in hundreds of thousands of views and a bunch of people unaware of the Jason Genova saga; because of Jason frequently referring to Diana as his "sister" (due to the friendzoning), the unawares thought it was an incestening video of a perverted brother zooming in on his sister's tits as she cooked him dinner while the parents were away.

"I noticed that the amount of effort I was putting in was not paying off ... every quiz or test that we had in like anatomy or chemistry, I mean I would study everything we learned in class, I knew it like the back of my hand. I didn't just know it but I actually understood it. And I found that even if I knew it like effortlessly, I still wasn't getting like an A. I mean I'd get like a B or C or whatever." --Diana Maybrook on college (if you knew the material like the back of your hand then why did you still get a B or C, it politics bro)


Josh Foxx

Jason's first arch nemesis. They knew each other from Gold's Gym (which later became Delray Fitness) when Josh Foxx used to work the front desk and was annoyed by Jason's antics and ego. Sometimes Jason's mom would phone the gym asking for him, and Josh Foxx would troll him by announcing over the gym's PA system: "JASON, YOUR MOM IS ON THE PHONE, SHE WANTS YOU TO COME HOME NOW." He made a series of mockumentary videos which parodied Jason's My Story videos, and he once carried around a picture of Jason asking random girls on the street if they thought he was attractive. Jason fired back with the puzzling insult: "Hey Josh Foxx, I don't even have a blender because your mom took it!"

Jason made a gym video with Andrew where he announced that he lost his car after getting carjacked, and Josh Foxx posted a comment expressing sympathy. Jason made a video after that where he thanked Josh Foxx for his concern, and the two effectively buried the hatchet. Josh Foxx disappeared from the Genova saga after that. The funny thing is, the carjacking story was likely a lie that Jason made up; in reality, his mom may have just taken away his driving privileges.


The historic exchanging of the No Homo bandana, back when Jason-Gideon relations were less strained.

Andrew's friend from England, who now lives in New York. He pretended to be Jason's biggest fan, but actually just trolls him all the time. He has only ever appeared on video once, in a famous video where he, Andrew and Jason went to Target and McDonald's. His trolling has made him the primary target for Jason's fury in recent years. Jason once mocked Gideon's newborn son and said that he inherited terrible genetics from his father, boasting that his legs are way bigger than the infant's. Gideon later got his revenge by telling Jason that he was going to send him $150 for his birthday, and to open up the gift on camera. The envelope only contained $3 and a 50 cent coupon (bout tree fiddy), and Jason flipped out and started crying. The video.

Ron Harris

Semi famous bodybuilder who feuded with Jason during the early My Story era. Jason's videos were ridiculed on the Muscular Development forums, where Ron Harris posted. Dark Lord Spaniard Himself arrived to battle his haters, and their feud began. Jason posted a video "exposing" Ron for his steroid use, despite the fact that he has never claimed to be natural, and to prove it he showed some pictures of Ron with an extremely poorly photoshopped roid gut (Video). Jason was quick to retract the video and apologize, possibly because he found out that Ron was sponsored by Jason's idol Richard Gaspari's supplement company, and he once made a video begging Gaspari to give him a sponsorship ("Nothing too big, just a $100,000 contract or something, I need the money"). He later blamed the Jonas Crew for making him call out Ron, and the two actually became friends and did a video together.

Many years later, a group of Genova's Witnesses went over to the Muscular Development forums where Ron still posted and trolled him by saying that Jason is much more famous than Ron, has better genetics, and has the potential to go to Mr. Olympia in a few years. Ron got extremely rustled and insecure and posted a bunch of contest pictures of himself to prove that he's a better bodybuilder than Jason Genova.

Bizarre rumours arose that when Jason and Ron did their collaboration video a long time ago, Ron slathered some peanut butter onto his chest and tricked Jason into licking it off of him. Ron denied that this ever happened, and clear evidence of it happening could not be found, but conspiracy theorists insist that Ron is lying, and that there was an extensive cover up where people were silenced and message board posts talking about this incident were deleted. This controversy has become known as "Peanut Buttergate".

"No one has ever licked peanut butter off my chest, and certainly not Janoy Cresnova." --Ron "Bill Clinton" Harris

Skip LaCour

Jason's first ever celebrity coath, the 200% natural bodybuilding champion Skip LaCour. Jason drove down to Miami and filmed a video with Skip where he unsuccessfully attempted to teach Jason how to curl 10 pound dumbbells with proper form for five minutes


aka the Son of Poseidon aka Seal Prick, a teenage kid who gained infamy by waking up at 3:00 AM in order to drive to "The Mecca of Bodybuilding" World Gym in Delray Beach Florida and appear in a 6:00 AM Delray Misfits video, where he stood off to the side, barely said anything and received like 30 seconds of camera time (a complete transcript of his appearance can be found below). At first mocked by Genova's Witnesses for his crippling shyness and selling his own line of Brody's Fitness Life t-shirts despite only having 100 subscribers on YouTube and only being able to bench 165 pounds, he eventually won them over with his innocent, well meaning personality, Jonnie Candito eyebrows and his expert water polo skills; Witnesses discovered a video on his channel where he showed off his svelte twink physique in a speedo and spazzed out by himself in a pool for 4 minutes, which was actually him playing water polo against an imaginary opponent. He henceforth received the title Son of Poseidon and became a cult fitness icon.

Curious Witnesses still continued to follow his social media despite being long removed from the Genovaverse, and they discovered that he had hooked up with a 2/10 asian whale. This was disappointing since they felt that the Son of Poseidon could have done so much better. Furthermore, her Instagram was littered with pictures of her posing with other guys at parties and gushing in the comments about how hot they were. She also said this to Brody on Instagram: "Thank you for literally cleaning my whole room and packing up all my stuff and cleaning my whole car while I just watched Netflix and relaxed. I love you" Brody failed to heed these red flags and got engaged to her. In order to provide for his whale (and bulls), he got involved in a Zija multi level marketing scam and started posting cringeworthy inspirational quotes on his Instagram, comparing himself to Mark Zuckerberg because he was selling useless Zija drinks and implying that people with normal jobs were sheep. Predictably, his MLM scheme flopped because he was at the bottom of the pyramid and his fiancee dumped him for another guy.

"H-hi, I'm Brody. I drove 3 hours to get here ..." --The entirety of Brody's guest appearance on Delray Misfits episode 62

Ian McCarthy

a.k.a. Ian McPopTarts a.k.a. Coath Lan a.k.a. Professor NoGains, a pasty nerd who is a self proclaimed expert on the science behind bodybuilding. Curiously enough however, he has been unable to apply this knowledge to his own physique. When called out on this, he blames his genetics and his status as a natural lifter. A famous figure in the YouTube fitness community, he is an advocate of the "If It Fits Your Macros" (IIFYM) school of flexible dieting for bodybuilding, which he uses to justify his voracious appetite for Pop-Tarts.

Ian McCarthy entered the Genova saga when he made a video criticizing people who insulted Jason Genova because he really enjoyed his videos, and even went so far as to tell people who hated on Jason to go jump off a bridge. At the end however, Ian added, "I'm not really impressed by the people that make fun of Jason knowing that he is admittedly dyslexic, and probably autistic as well." When Jason caught wind of this video, he predictably ignored all the positive things Ian said about him and zeroed in on the autism comment, going on a tirade against Ian and insisting that "I am not autism." To make matters worse, an imposter Ian McCarthy appeared on YouTube and Facebook taunting Jason, which prompted a legendary tirade where Jason threatened to wrap his "18 inch bear arms" around Ian's neck and choke him out. Jason increasingly began comparing himself to Chris Benoit, Craig Titus and Paul Demayo, perhaps suggesting that Jason was in fact intent on murdering Ian.

After the misunderstanding caused by the fake Ian was cleared up, the lure of more YouTube views arising from a collaboration with YouTube celebrity Ian McCarthy proved too great for Jason to resist. Ian and his girlfriend traveled down to Delray Beach, Florida and stayed with Jason for a few days, filming a series of videos. Ian even declared himself to be Jason's new coath, taking the reins from Adam Harper, and announced plans to stay with Jason for the whole summer. Ian's tenure as Jason's coath proved to be extremely short lived however; the exact reason is unknown, but Ian may have backed out after he saw what a train wreck Jason had become without Adam, and Jason's mom had also expressed displeasure with the idea of some random guy and his girlfriend moving in with Jason (who knows what kinky shenanigans they were after?). Jason would eventually make good on his promise to wrap his 18 inch bear arms around Ian's throat.

"May I touch you sir?" --Ian McCarthy to Jason


aka Chode aka Chandler Blades, Jason's former manager. He instigated the infamous "Cameragate" incident that caused Andrew and Jason to split up. Around October 2013, a mysterious douchebag named Chad appeared online and convinced Jason that he was a marketing expert who could help him get the millions and millions of views that he so badly desired if he gave him access to all of his accounts. Of course, The Iron Gullible Cunt did so, and Chad installed himself as his new manager. He offered to pay for half of a digital camera so that Jason could film his own videos instead of having to rely on Andrew all the time. Andrew warned Jason not to let some stranger have access to all his accounts, and that his involvement with Chad was probably a bad idea. Jason ignored his longtime friend and producer's advice and went for the camera. This, coupled with Jason making up stupid lies about Andrew like them getting into a fist fight over Chad caused Andrew to resign as Jason's camera man and producer. The two would eventually reconcile, but this started a dramatic change in the style of videos being posted to Jason's channel; instead of the classic weekly gym videos with witty commentary by Andrew, Jason instead started filming his own videos which were often long, unedited and completely pointless. For example, he once made a video of himself driving to Wal Mart to get $5 worth of gas, and constantly commented on how, "It's just craziness out here!" while pointing the camera to empty streets. He also turned the windshield wipers on to full blast because he heard that it was supposed to rain that day.

Some examples of Chad's marketing genius:

Chad has since vanished. The really ironic thing is, after he became Jason's manager for a few months, Jason's subscriber count nearly doubled, but it had absolutely nothing to do with any of Chad's retarded marketing schemes; Cameragate simply caused so much controversy and drama that it marked the beginning of the Jason Genova megathreads on bodybuilding.com's Misc forum, which dramatically increased his exposure. It also marked the beginning of the Adam Harper era, which brought daily videos full of ments and unprecedented insight into Jason's personal life. Similar to how Jason is an unintentional comedy genius, Chad is perhaps the unintentional marketing genius.

"Nice hairdo you fucking homo. guaranteed by looking at you, that you suck cock." --Chad responding to one of his critics on The Misc

Adam Pollard

The psychotic owner of the supplement company Pollard Nutrition. He runs the company with his brother Alex Pollard, who is in charge of the research and development of the products. Adam offered Jason Genova a $10,000 sponsorship, because he insisted that Jason's involvement with the company would allow him to compete with the big name supplement companies. He released a number of creepy videos where he wore an oversized suit and urged Jason to sign the contract, including one where Goodbye Horses (from Silence of the Lambs) was playing in the background. At the end, he would pivot and walk off camera like a zombie. In another video, he again pressured Jason into signing the contract while sitting in a chair; although the video was shot from the waist up, an observant viewer noticed that at one point he shifted his legs and briefly revealed that he was wearing a suit top, but no pants. He tried to convince Jason to buy a plane ticket to Las Vegas so they could meet, and Genova's Witnesses feared that this would mark the end of the Sith Lord's life ...

... Turns out that this was all an elaborate ruse. Adam Pollard was so dedicated to this troll job that even many Genova's Witnesses were fooled. Still, Adam Pollard's psycho character may not have been an act completely, because what kind of a person would spend hours upon hours every day trolling a mentally handicapped man through Facebook and Skype conversations? Adam and Alex would play out elaborate skits in front of Jason on Facebook, like Adam threatening to stab Alex if he didn't send Jason his supplements, and Alex in turn threatening to run away with his scientific formulas. They didn't even release these chat transcripts to the public (they were obtained by a third party logging into Jason's account), and they were basically wasted on Jason as he just sat there bewildered, interjecting with an occasional, "Wats going on!!!!" Adam Pollard also has a tendency to upload a video, delete it within a day and then schizophrenically re-upload and re-delete it. He made a bizarre video where he appeared to be out of character and drunk driving, rambling about his involvement with the Monkey Prick and Rat Prick groups on Facebook and how he was having the gap between his teeth fixed. As usual, it was deleted after one day. It's difficult to tell how much of Adam Pollard is an act vs him being a genuine weirdo, but he is respected by Genova's Witnesses for bringing some laughs during The Great Ment Drought of mid 2014 (after Jason was dropped by Coath Adam Harper).



aka DoItBig aka Mr. Steal Yo Girl, real name Mike Bisceglia (or as Jason Genova calls him, "Mike Bisqually"). Notorious bodybuilder who gained a cult following for his profanity laced YouTube videos and hardcore training philosophy. He is also known for making videos with a sideways camera, which he refuses to fix because it's "more real." He appeared on the television show Tosh.0 as Mike the Trainer, where he told Tosh that he looked like a skinnyfat faggot who needed to squat, deadlift and "DRINK AT LEAST A GALLON OF MILK A DAY, DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?!" He describes his ideal girl as: "PERFECT BODY, FUCKIN 10/10 CURVES, FUCKIN SLAMMIN TITTIES, FUCKIN BIG BEAUTIFUL ROUND APPLE ASS, STICKIN MY PENIS IN THERE, BECAUSE I AM THE FUCKIN ALPHA MALE." His YouTube channel has been suspended numerous times, most recently for uploading a video where he was escorted out of a store by security for picking a fight with a guy who was carrying his son on his shoulders.

TheRage had a kind of older brother relationship with Jason, often making fun of him and provoking Jason to declare war on him. They always made up later though, and talked about doing a collaboration together. TheRage even stood up for Jason when he was called out by popular YouTuber Bios3training, saying that he had no right to make fun of the way Jason trains since Bios3 trains like a bitch himself. However, one infamous incident has probably split the two up for good: Jason got himself yet another online girlfriend named Erica, and TheRage talked trash about her. This caused Jason to release a number of hip hop inspired videos where he declared, "Erica, Erica's my bitch, you got a problem with it? CLICK! Peace out, BYE! Erica's my bitch, she's my homegirl!" in another video: "Cum on the nookie, cum on the cookie! Stick it up your ASS Rage, stick it up your ass, stick it up your ass, stick it up your ass!" Jason then solicited his fans for donation money to "further his bodybuilding career." Turns out that he actually used the money to buy a $158.99 necklace for Erica. What's more, Erica developed an unhealthy fixation on TheRage, leaving him countless rambling voice mails. TheRage convinced Erica to send him the necklace that Jason bought for her with the donation money, and he showed it off on video. Jason learned a valuable lesson from this incident, reflected on it deeply and did not fall in love with another random online girl for a solid ten days.

"You think I'm scared of Ebola? Fuck Ebola, that shit's for pussies! Take a multivitamin and lift you fucking pussy, fuck you!" --TheRage191 

Tim Terwilliger

Amateur bodybuilder who has the distinction of being the most potato out of all of Jason's former coaths. Despite being a long time fan of Jason's since at least 2011, and presumably having witnessed the failings of the PJ Braun era and Adam era, for some reason he believed that he could get Jason shredded without even putting forth 1/10th of the effort that Adam did. This kind of naivety is expected from people new to Jason Genova, but come on now, he should have known better. He sold his house in Connecticut, packed all of his things into his car and drove across the country to Florida with his wife Missy for a low paying job connected to Blackstone Labs, and in his spare time he planned to train Jason. As it turns out, the job fell through and he and his wife were forced to turn around right back to Connecticut and move into his parents' house. He still wanted to coath Jason long distance, and even sent him $700 worth of supplements. Soon enough though, Jason dumped him, and Tim reportedly asked for his $700 worth of supplements back (yes, I'm sure that The Iron Freeloader got right on that).

But hey, what Tim lacks in brains, he makes up for with hot wife. He posted a video of his wedding ceremony on YouTube, which appeared to be conducted in his living room while family members sat around in chairs checking their phones, and as a pair of wiener dogs wandered around.

"Jason, um, this is how you make a protein shake. You gotta first make sure you start with a cup that's clean." --Coath Tim


Better known as RC, real name Raphael Zamora. Started his own YouTube fitness channel called RZFitnessTV despite having the charisma of a shovel, but figured that he could make up for it with a sufficient amount of Zyzz/Misc/Genova meme spouting. He decided to collaborate with Jason Genova to increase his exposure, and the video was basically 20 minutes of: "Fuaaaaaaa, on our way to collab with Jason Genova brahs, sickening. Mirin? Strong lighting. Pissening carb meal of peace. Fuaaaaaa." Amazingly, his YouTube channel exploded in popularity, going from less than 1,000 subscribers to 20,000 in a year. Videos where he just went out and filmed himself eating got hundreds of thousands of views, most likely from gay guys who get off on that sort of thing, which brings to mind Matt Ogus's G4P confession video where he said that gay guys would pay him $100 to make a video of himself eating sloppy joes while shirtless.

The next time big shot Raphael went to Delray Beach, Jason didn't remember his name and thought that his real name was "RC Fitness." He got extremely butthurt over this, despite the fact that Jason can't even remember his own name (see infamous Jason Giovanni/Janoy Cresva incidents). RC said that he didn't want someone like Jason as a friend, and refused to drive him to the Europa fitness expo. Oh, severing ties with Jason didn't stop him from continuing to spout all of his catch phrases though. Refusing to be around Jason because of something that he did, or because you don't want to smell him during the car trip is a selfish act, plain and simple. Everyone understands that it's no picnic to hang around with Jason, but you do it anyway for the sake of something far greater than you or I: The Ment.

RC has demonstrated himself to be incredibly thin skinned in other ways as well: He once whined about a video he posted getting a bunch of dislikes. The ratio? 393 likes to 91 dislikes. Whenever Jason gets a like to dislike ratio that good on one of his videos, he's ecstatic! One Genova's Witness trolled RC by commenting on his videos with the account "RCShitnessTV" and using a mugshot of Raphael from a drunk driving conviction as his picture. He was banned from the channel instantly, and Raphael even tried crying to YouTube to get the account deleted. Thankfully for him, he didn't train at World Gym outside of the Genova collab; the sensitive little flower would definitely not be able to handle the banter and ball busting from the Delray Misfits. He would break down and run out of the gym crying after Lenny and The Big Brad Wolf had their way with him.

Perhaps the greatest offense of them all is when he started posting dickish, passive aggressive replies to his own fans when they gave him compliments or asked him innocent questions (screenshot compilation). Not even Jason has ever stooped that low. In RC's defense, he was prepping for a Men's Physique (aka Men's Bikini) show at the time and he was presumably carb depleted. Some people deal with carb depletion in different ways I guess. Some people lash out at their own fans, other people take bites out of the steering wheel. He suffered another scandal when he ate a cookie in the gym and a big chunk of it fell on the ground. He looked around to see if anyone was watching and didn't even bother to clean up his crumbs. When he was called out for this in the comments, he tried claiming that they fell into his gym bag but the truthfulness of this was doubtful. After people finally figured out that all his boring videos were the same shit of him going to the gym and then eating at Chipotle afterwards his channel faded in popularity, and his videos currently only get a couple thousand views each.

"k" --RC