Jason Genova is well known for his hygiene, or lack thereof. It is commonly commented on by various Misfits and people in videos and seems to be an ever present problem. When asked questions regarding it, Jason tends to just laugh it off as if he is not aware of the effect that it has on people, and how it makes him look to them. This section will detail everything to do with Jason's personal hygiene and body that is not related to his musculature.


What is likely the only consistent thing about Jason is his body odour. It is said to be very pungent and makes it almost unbearable to be anywhere within a few feet of him. It has been described by Miscers who have visited him as a sort of past expiration date cheese mixed with an alarmingly strong general B.O. smell. Andrew had this to say about it: "Sometimes he stinks like a combo of urine & sweat and sometimes he doesn't smell at all. It's usually a tossup." It is most likely caused by a combination of several key factors that we can speculate on:

1. Jason is notorious for not washing his clothes, seeing as how the majority of his shirts have giant stains on them coming in a whole spectrum of colors. What he most likely does is work out in a set of clothes, throw it on the floor for a few days and then pick it up and use it again, meaning that if by some chance he did not smell before putting on the shirt, he certainly would after. It is up in the air whether or not Jason knows how to use a washer/dryer, it seems unlikely though.

2. It is doubtful that Jason showers often, this combined with living in the Florida heat, regular workouts, and long shifts at Pubelicks makes a recipe for a stench, the power of which builds rapidly over time.

3. Jason does not use deodorant. It is also unknown if he would know how. He does however occasionally use Drakkar Noir, a fragrance for men by Guy Laroche. It was given to him by his mother as a birthday present, former coath Adam has also stated that he owns it as well. Not surprisingly, Jason also uses this cologne wrong as he pretty much just sprays a shit ton on without showering, essentially adding a thin layer of perfume to the other variety of smells that his body houses, Andrew has commented on this before saying that it's kind of a rotten sweet smell.

Jason typically refers to his B.O. as "odour eaters," and laughs hysterically whenever it's brought up. Andrew coined the nicknames "The Stinky Sith Lord" and "Pig Pen."

The only good thing about Jason's odour is that it is probably the only thing currently keeping Brad at bay, as he is very vocal about the stench and will rarely get within a few feet of Jason.

Surprisingly, there are few recorded instances of Jason farting, which is interesting considering his diet which consists of a lot of fast food and protein shakes. What is more likely though is that whatever Jason lets loose is completely overshadowed by the rest of his smells and it gets lost in the other odours.

Hair and Facial Hair


Jason was blessed with pretty good hair genetics. For being in his early 30s, his hairline has not even begun to show signs of receding or thinning, and he is easily able to grow a full thick beard. Jason being Jason though, what he has chosen to do with these gifts is an entirely different story.

Jason generally keeps his hair on top in a pretty average buzz cut, but has previously gotten what he called the "Jay Cutler Haircut" which looked good on the day he got it, when the stylist most likely put some gel or wax in and styled it for him. After that though Jason never used any product to keep it that way so it essentially looked like a classic bowl cut, similar to the one Simple Jack had in Tropic Thunder. Needless to say it looked pretty fucking stupid. Another time he looked pretty aesthetic was when he went to Ace's barber shop and got a haircut which he said made him look like "PJ Braun's brother." Once again he looked good for one day:

Jason's beard genetics are similarly wasted on him as he has claimed multiple times that Pubelix does not allow their employees to have beards. He did say that they allow their employees to wear a mustache, but he expressed reluctance to grow one. Jason did however sport a fake mustache for My Story Part 8. It had poor synergy with his buzz cut at the time, but the general consensus among Genova's Witnesses is that he looked aesthetic as fuark with a stache. In addition, Jason's shaving skills are pretty bad and he commonly misses large chunks of his face leaving behind random patches of hair that is very visible on his constant Instagram posts.