Sickening quotes from The Man Getter

"I used to be a personal trainer, years ago ... before the brain damage kicked in." --Jason Genova

"I'm not fat, I'm off season! That's what you got to be educated you people, SCIENCE, you don't know science, I know science!" --Jason Genova

"And by the way, when you eat vegetables, vegetables burn fat quicker in your metabolism when you're doing cardio, so it speeds up your molecular structure." --Jason Genova

"Hammer curl works your tricep and your deltoid, both." --Jason Genova

"Pretty good form. You got a nice rounded back." --Jason Genova

[In response to the statement that everybody knows how to do shoulder presses already] "Ummmm, some people who are in Uganda don't. Uganda." --Jason Genova

"I got that Craig Titus look. Huge and fuckin freaky!" --Jason Genova

"Three weeks out until the Ruby baby. Nothing's stopping me. Haters can talk all the crap they want. My mom even says I'm looking good, right mom??" --Jason Genova

"I'm gonna be worth millions, I just graduated high school, I didn't go to college. I'm right out of the basement baby, I'm a rarity." --Jason Genova

"Look at those legs. Those things are devastating." --Jason Genova

"But you gotta remember I'm on ... I'm gonna be honest with you people that I'm ... on ... supplements. I'm on supplements, yeah I'm gonna admit it." --Jason Genova

"I'm no little man or Little Bo Peep bro. Don't fuck with me bro. You don't want to fuck with fucking me. Bro I ain't no little man bro. I'm bigger than you, I'm like 230 and I'm fucking taking supplements. Don't talk shit bro in the morning, fucking please. You're messing with a fucking Internet celebrity." --Jason Genova

"One time this kid at school asked for my lunch money and if I didn't give it up, he gave me a wedgie and put me down the toilet and put my face in the toilet if I didn't give him the money. It inspired me to get big and defend myself and get some muscle on me and some beef to defend myself! It got me muscular. I confronted him and said I'm not giving up the lunch money. He put my head down the toilet again." --Jason Genova

"Who cares about injuries, we're freaks!" --Jason Genova

"That Dolan Duck's a fake profile, that's why I didn't add him. He pretends to be a duck, he's not. He's a fucking scam artist!" --Jason Genova

[To Brad right when he's in the middle of his leg press set] "I shit my bed sometimes when I'm sleeping." --Jason Genova

"That hurt bad. Really bad. Like diarrhea." --Jason Genova

[Reading a shirt that says, "I'd flex but I like this shirt"] "I'd flex my butt, I like shit." --Jason Genova

"If you don't breathe, you don't succeed." --Jason Genova

"Sometimes nobody shows up and you automatically win." --Jason Genova

"The Leaning Tower of Pisa wasn't built overnight." --Jason Genova

"Never stop giving up." --Jason Genova

"Train smart, remain the same, baby." --Jason Genova

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is" --Jason Genova

"No rest for pussies baby! All out or nothing, dungeon style dungeon slayer terminator bitch!" --Jason Genova

"You gotta be a freak! 4% shredded with striated, shreds cuts and vascularing defination. Fucking symmetry like a beast." --Jason Genova

"I'm pushing myself to the ultimate limit of physics." --Jason Genova

"I'm gonna be doing orthodox training on this video, and it's gonna be really barbaric and really insane. Like REALLY gruelling frickin crazy, barbaric, dungeon slayer Dorian Yates style shit. It's gonna be extreme. It's gonna be like fuckin throwing bricks and shit, and, it has to do with picking up bulldozers and shit, and balls and everything." --Jason Genova

"I always gotta pop painkillers to get through these fucking workouts; always in fucking pain. I'm getting so hooked to the painkillers. Unfortunately I gotta pop painkillers just to numb the pain out. Lotta Advil and a lotta Tylenol." --Jason Genova

"Peek-a-boo! Horseshoe, I see you! Peek-a-boo, I see abs! Peek-a-boo! Pikachu! It's Pikachu time! Huehuehue, Pikachu! It's the fuckin thing from fuckin Pokeyman!" --Jason Genova

"I'm more powerful than the Pope, basically. You know what? I think me and Lenny are like the Pope. John Pon Pope II. Very powerful. We're like the Zyzz, the new Zyzz of fitness. The Greek gods. I am the next Zyzz, basically." --His Holiness Jason Giovanni

"My thoughts on Zyzz, he was extraordinarily gifted when he was alive, and uh he died sadly in 2009-10, my thoughts on him I think he was extraordinary, his synthetics were unbelievable, and when he was alive he was a very very gifted, and a very talented. He was awe inspiring, sorry he died so young, at a very young age, he died from his death. I want to do a collaboration with Chest." --Jason Genova

"I'm a big fan of Z-Y-Z-Z, who died in Thailand last year from a bad accident in the sauna, and I'm a big fan of his, he was like a /bodybuilder comedian, you know he's funny, a lot of bodybuilders don't like him just like they don't like me, so I respect him and he resp-- ya know." --Jason Genova

"The Man Getter is staying single for life baby yeah ... I'm a freak I'm like uh Z-Y-Z-Z the Internet celebrity bodybuilder, the Greek god the Zeus thuh thuh unbelievable Apollo Creed uh Apollo, Achilles heels guess what I'm like Troy I'm a Greek GOD bay-bee and I don't give a fuck. I go from woman to woman to woman to woman cause I'm a womanizer! Gwee hee hee!" --Jason Genova

"I'm a Greek god, I look better than fuckin Plato baby." --Jason Genova

[To a girl on Facebook] "You want to come live with the freaky Sith Lord? I am very powerful." --Jason "Casanova" Genova

[Talking to a girl on the phone] "Listen, I want you to come down here and go dancing with me and we'll have fun together. You know you like The Spaniard, you know you like The Sith Lord, you know that. Hello? You're blushing, I know you're into The Sith Lord, I know it! Hello? Hello? Helloooo? Aww I lost connection." --The Delray Playboy

"You know what I wouldn't be surprised if if if if if, if what's her name found out, what's her name uhh PJ Braun's wife found out I was making that much money she'd probably come fucking suck my dick. She would be banging down at my door: 'Oh Jason Genova's making 300 million dollars, I love him! He's making way more money than PJ Braun!' " --Jason Genova

"I'm entitled to date whatever person makes me happy, it's my decision. An alien, ape, anything." --Jason Genova

[When asked why he chased a bikini figure model across the stage while she was doing her routine] "Cause I was taking pro hormones AND I WAS HORNY AS FUCK!!!!" --The Iron Rapist

"I'm never gonna find a girl like that ever again, she was a dime in a fuckin dozen bro." --Jason Genova

"I did gay porn, a long time ago. I stopped, I went straight. 2005 my girl died and I was two years, gay." --Jason Genova

"I'm not gay by the way, I'm not gay, it's just a rumour going around everywhere, the poll says, but I'm not gay. I came up with a famous quote called 'no homo' and I used to do it for money, gay porn, but no homo, peace out." --Jason Genova

[When someone made fun of him for never having seen a vagina before] "Yeah I have I seen my mom's at least! Huehuehue, I seen my mom's! Every day! She's only 40, c'mon she doesn't have a bad body!" --Jason Genova

[To his mother] "One of my fans says you have great tits." --Jason Genova

"They called my mom a rich Jew whore. She's not rich!" --Jason Genova

"I lost my dad when I was 16; very sad ... I lost my aunt in 2007. Very close ... But the thing that hit me hard was losing my drug dealer in 2017." --Jason Genova

[When asked if his mother had any other kids] "She had a kid but it died in birth, it died, it died, it died, it died. We had to get rid of it." --Jason Genova

"Always when I get horny, take a load. In my house. Take a load, fuck myself." --Jason Genova

"I also have a lot of water throughout the day, between, uh, 2-3 gallons of water per day. That's, uh, 28 ounces, uh, no, 32, uh, 32 ounces, 32 ounces to 48 ounces of water each day. And, um, you know, I'm representing World's Gym as you can see, I'm promoting them. And, um, I'm promoting a new, uh, sponsorship, uh, fantasy football. And, uh, promoting that, and peace out. Uh! The eggs are about to splode!" --Jason Genova

"I'm Jason Genova, I'm about to announce that I DO know how to cook, I'm just confused at my house, cause I don't know how to use that stove, I've never used it, I just moved in there like a year ago." --The Iron Chef

"Anthony Covo's getting a sickening shoutout, thanks for the $100 donation, and I'm gonna, I'm representing your um, oats., your, myoats, or,, um,, um,, it's a website, um, for oatmeal, for organic oatmeal, it's really good. I'm representing that, um, I'm representing, myoats, customine your own oats, your sickening owned oatmeal, customize your sickening pissening own oatmeal, um, RETARDED OATMEAL!! It's sick, it's so sick! You can eat it, you can enjoy it! It's organic!" --The Iron Celebrity Endorser

"Smart Powders is getting a shoutout, sickening Smart Powders from North Carolina's getting a sickening shoutout, all right peace out bye. I've been snorting Smart Powder and I'm injecting it up my butthole. Jus a joke. I'm injecting Smart Powder up my butt cheek. Smart Powder. Some, some powder. Some pre-workout." --Jason Genova

"I'm the Carrot Top of bodybuilding, and the Sarah Silverman of comedy, except I'm not a woman, I'm a man." --Jason Genova

"Giving a shoutout to Hiyoashi, or Hiyoashi from Japan. Sorry about the uh Pearl Harbor incident, asian stuff. That was a long time ago, 2012, sorry about that." --Jason Genova

"I was in my store last night, I met an IFBB pro bodybuilder who's retired, his name's Ken something, he trained with Dave Columbo, and he's a good friend of mine." --Jason Genova

"Kai Greene, you're a big role model to me, and some day I'm gonna get you. When you get older, I'm gonna kick your butt on stage, and I'm gonna beat you and I'm gonna dominate your ass and devastate you with a big blow!" --Mr. No Homo

"Average Rich is having family issues, one of his family members is very sick. So, I hope his family gets better, God bless his soul ... but uh, Average Rich, you're goin down pinworm! You're goin down broomstick! Whatchu gonna do broomstick when you come in to my arena July 14th at the Southern States!! You're gonna go down little pinworm! Whatchu gonna do little man, you saw the pictures on IG, look how much bigger I look than you pinworm, whatchu gonna do Average Rich when I creampie you on stage!" --Mr. No Homo

"Hey, listen, you can KISS MY ASS Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Benoit, because I'm gonna fight you in a match ... OHHHH, YEAH, YOU'RE DEAD, SO I CAN'T FIGHT YOU! Youuuu pieces of shit!" --Jason Genova

"Hey Jason Stain I heard you played in those old movies transporters, well I can shove your ... my fist up your transporter ass, your candy ass, BAM BABY Nothin but a penis, WOOOO!! Jason Statam, can rub my a-- rub my floor up my ass. Peace out." --Jason Genova

"I want to make this video look professional. HEY GIDEON, you know what? I'm sick and tired of you rambling your god-- I'm serious bro, I'm telling it to you straight, you're gonna lose me as a friend, and you're not gonna be in any workout video this summer, I'm gonna tell Andrew you're not gonna be in it, if you don't fucking, stop fucking being fuckin inappropriate and having a potty fuckin mouth, cause I don't trust the shit you do, and, all the shit making fun of me on the Internet this has got to stop bro, I'm serious bro, because eventually, you can come and do a video and I'm gonna refuse to do it with you, I don't have to do it with you, you know that? So you better stop doing this shit or you're gonna truly not gonna be in a workout video with me. Take that very seriously bro. I'm ... look at me, and when I look at you in my eyes, I mean business, that I'm telling you, you better stop this shit, OR ... suffer the reperc-- repere-- the consequences for your actions, because, what comes around comes around, that's karma for you." --Jason Genova

"We got 200-300 pound leg extensions. Fucking freak baby! Let's see Gideon faggot do this. Congratulations you're never gonna be able to be a pro bodybuilder and work out and go pro with a baby bro. I don't want to start a family, I never wanna have a family. I want a girlfriend, screw her leave her that's it, and be a horny, wild, STALLION!!! Fuckin unicorn bodybuilder, with long curly fuckin hip hair like the Poison. Congratulations on your baby, because I don't want a baby, I don't want to clean diapers. Your week old son probably has no legs, sucks, oh well for him. His legs probably look like toothpicks, like yours. Horrible genetics." --Jason Genova

"And you know what, who started that all? It was that ... I'm not gonna be mean or anything, but I got sick and tired of him making fun of me on the Internet, and calling me names on Facebook ... Brian. You know why I erased you Brian?? BECAUSE ... ONE, you're calling me pudding head 50,000 times on Facebook, and I got SICK OF IT ... LOOKING AT THAT WORD pudding head." --Pudding Head

"I'm about to explain the monkey prick thing. It HAS to stop, I am NOT a monkey, I'm a frickin human being. I deserve respect." --Monkey Prick

"I'm a human bean. Not bean! Human ... BEAN." --The Real Human Bean

"I'm an ancient dolphin. From the 70s." --Jason Genova

"I'm going to school at SouthTech. Soon I'll get a job as an air conditioner." --Jason Genova

"Is this where you work out Mario you little homosexual bitch? You little skinny bitch, the ladies only? You must be a fuckin homosexual troll you have no uplook, the only good thing about your body is your quadriceps and hamstring, you have no body. You're a skinny fuckin kid, you're underdeveloped. At my age I was already fuckin way bigger than you, and I had weaknesses still. I had a fuckin bigger chest than you you're a fuckin prick. Bye peace out." --Jason Genova

"Who the hell are those fuckin girls man talking shit, who the hell do they think they are these rich Boca bitches? They think they can stomp all over the DSL Dark Lord Spaniard, The Man, The Man in Motion, The Myth, The Legend, the frickin Go Getter, the The Man, the uh, the the ... MAN GETTER, who can fuckin top that bro? Who doesn't want to be with DSL? And you know what, to all the haters on the Internet running their mouth, I bet you wouldn't say it to my face, you know why? Because if you said it to my face, you would get something you don't want to know bro. You would get a fuckin Stone Cold Steve Austin beat down bro. And I swear to God if I saw any of you guys, if I-- you know what I'm going to do, how about this you guys? I'm going to hack into your fucking computer and I'm gonna find where you live, I'm gonna come and beat you in your fucking sleep. Don't run your mouth anymore peace out." --The Man Getter

"I'll put you in a sleeper, you fucking Ian McCarthy, I'll put you in a wolverine choke lock like Chris Bengalo, you're gonna be tapping out all fuckin night. When I put my neck around you with my fucking bear arms. When my fucking big butt-- 18 inch arms fucking on your throat. Tap out, tap out, BITCH! Fuckin gilding. That's for you bitch! Potty mouth motherfucker." --Jason Genova

"You're a fucking sellout, you're washed up, and all you do is fucking talk shit, and you got nothing else better to do than talk fucking shit, you know what? At the end of the day you ain't even on my radar, peace out. Uhhh, Cum on the nookie, cum on the cookie! Stick it up your ASS Rage, stick it up your ass, stick it up your ass, stick it up your ass, you got no fucking life, peace out sayanora, you've been terminated *pop!* Bye." --J Cream, battle rapper extraordinaire

"VEGAN GAINS ... you are such ... a ... frickin vegan bro." --Jason Genova

"Vegan Gains, Order 66 on your candy ass. Um, tofu fuckin, almond man. Basically you're all screwed up, Vegan Gains. Tofu almond man. Um, You're a weirdo, tofu almond man. CLOUDED THIS BOY IS, VERY VERY CLOUDED, ANGER LEADS TO THE PATH TO THE DARK SIDE, ANGER LEADS TO HATE, ANGER LEADS TO SUFFERING, I SENSE MUCH FEAR IN YOU." --Jason Genova

"Mike Chang ... Six Pack Short Cuts, you can six pack short cut your six pack abs up your ass." --Jason Genova

"Like I said ... you have the lower body, and you have no upper body, you got a problem, you got a problem building ... wait a minute. You have the upper body, and you have no legs, you have the upper body you have no legs, you got a problem building your legs. You have an upper ... you have the you have the lower body and you don't have the upper body, the upper body, it's easier to build. So if you have the lower body, and you don't have the upper body, it's easier to build the upper body. You have the upper body and you don't have the legs, you got a problem, building the lower body ... NO, YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! You HAVE, the upper body, but you don't have the lower body, you got a problem building downstairs. You got the up-- the legs on the bottom, it's it's easier to build the top. Yeah." --Jason Genova, PhD in Broscience

"I am not autism." --Jason Genova

"I'm smart as hell, I ain't no stupid dumbo like you all think I am. I'm gonna read about books, I'm gonna educate myself." --Jason Genova

"Franklin D. Roosevelt was president from 1933 to 45 he actually got three terms I don't know why but it was the war so I think he got a third term because of the war. The war he got a third term that's the only reason why they gave him a third term. I am a historian buff, I read books, I'm not stupid. I'm educated people. I'm purely educated. It's sick it's piss, look at my dirty teeth, I haven't washed them in months hue hue hue hue!" --The Iron Historian Buff

"Maybe I can extort people for more money and not claim any taxes for years because this whole economy is crumbling like the Roman Empire of 336 AD, Constantine II where it all collapsed and nobody had to pay taxes for THREEEEE YEARS HUE HUE HUE HUE!" --The Iron Historian Buff

"I do have learning disabilities, but I am far from stupid . . . I can clothe myself, I can swim." --Jason Genova

"My IQ in coins is 160-180; a genius. My IQ in nutrition is 120, my fitness is 100, my bodybuilding's 85; almost retarded hue hue hue!" --The Rain Man of Coins

"He's washing brain my out." --Jason Genova

"Customize your message" --The Iron Uploader

"Hey." --The Iron Tweeter

"Hey let's steal some pennies." --The Iron Jew

"Buy these t-shirts. 100% of the proceeds go to ... ME!" --The Iron Philanthropist

"They hack into my account and they get the number and then they start calling and harassing me. 'Oh I want a shoutout, just a shoutout. Can I have a shoutout? It's my birthday.' Fuck you, pay!" --Jason Genova

"I'm supporting Lou Gehrig's disease." --Jason Genova

"I wanted to be the first bodybuilder in history to be a music musician. When people hear me sing they say I have a beautiful voice. I'm the animal I become, another real me, another real me, another animal I become. YEAH BABY! It's already over nowwww, uhhhda I become, IT'S ALREADY OVER, IT'S ALREADY OVER NOW!!!" --Jason Genova, the voice of an angel

"Look at the stupid fuckin handicap chair I'm in!" --Jason Genova

"Do I have to show the fucking dick? I got hair on it! I don't shave it that much. Not a big one. It's pretty big for a bodybuilder. It's not that small, I mean, but that's all I'm gonna show real quick." --Jason Genova

"I used to squat 5 plates per side, when I was 20, before you met me. That's believable." --The Iron Liar

[When someone texted him asking if he injured his back by getting into a fight] "yes beat up 12 guys try to rob me. they dont know i am bodybuilder." --Jason Genova

"very sad lol" --Jason Genova reacting to Leroy Colbert's death

"My stomach is full, it's got a pregnant baby in it." --Jason Genova

"Hey everybody, it's aka The Spaniard." --aka The Spaniard

"You want to lick me?" --Jason Genova

"I'm taking this product, it's a great product by Richard Gaspari called SuperPump 250, it's a nitrate oxide, it expands your muscles, it's really great, I'll take it right now, it tastes horrible but ... I'll drink it down ... tastes pretty good! It's uh, refreshing orange flavour." --The Iron Critic

"This is Black Ice, you get at the Muscle Store. It's uh, caffeine ephedra 25 mg. Good for building fat when you're getting ready for a contest. As you can see ... ingredients. And that's it, peace out." --Jason Genova

"The reason why I fuckin bit the steering wheel out is because I got road rage because I was carb depleted, I lost 25-30 pounds, I fucking got carb depleted and I got hungry for food." --Jason Genova

"Merry merry hoey hoey Christmas." --Jason Genova

"Like the hat, looks sick in the gym. I wear hats sometimes in the gym." --Jason Genova

"You know they troll my fuckin account like crazy. Dirty comments, nasty comments: 'You're fat, you're a retard, you're a slob.' I'm not a slob and I'm not fat!" --Jason Genova

"I'm going to the car and I'm getting my cell phone, I want you to take a selfie of me." --Jason Genova

"If you ever want to come to Florida and live down here, it's a really nice place to live down here. It's not always not cold. Lotta palm trees. Lotta hot broads. It's a nice place to live." --Jason Genova 

"I'm admitting to my doings." --Jason Genova

"I'm sorry ... apology accepted bro." --Jason Genova

"The sport of bodybuilding's dead. I'm the last bodybuilder who's aesthetic." --The Hindenburg

"This is Jason Genova, I'm about to go to the gym tomorrow. But IT'S PISS, WOO, HOO HOO HOO HEH HEH! HOO HOO HOO HEH HEH! HYUK! BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! BEEP BEEP! MASTER YODA, YOU SEEK YODA, YOU SEEK YODA! HEE HEE HEH I'M ON CRACK BABY! YEAH BABY, WOOOO! WOOOO! WOOOO! NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR, you must pay me one hundred billion dollars. I'm Dr. Evil. All right baby, peace out bye." --Janoy Cresva

"Sting like a butterfly, sting like a bee." --Jason Genova

"I know Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, and Nevada like the back of my head. I know it all, man." --Jason Genova

"Today I had a stressful day: played video games, I rested, I eated." --Jason Genova

"If I had to be reincarnated as an animal, I'd pick a lion. I wouldn't want to be a rhino. That's disgusting. They take a lot of shits." --Jason Genova

"Morgan von Bogel. He played Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie. He's Australian, so he's got a similar accent to the Austrians." --Jason Genova

"Enjoy The Ment." --Jason Genova